Discussing kink sexuality for better patient care


American sex researcher and Dutch therapist scientifically discuss kink sexuality for better patient care

boldpleasures invite Galen Fous and Hans West to explain the psychology behind kink culture to Dutch healthcare professionals

Amsterdam, NL. Today, boldpleasures.com, an online platform that provides a safe and inclusive space where everyone can learn and explore about kink, BDSM and alternative relationships in a supportive educational environment, has the pleasure to announce a fascinating seminar by the notable American sex-researcher, author and therapist Galen Fous. Fous travels to Europe all the way from Portland, Oregon to share his research with us. He is supported by Dutch kink-positive therapist Hans West this September 4th, in Amsterdam, NL from 19.00 to 21:00.

Join us to see for yourself if Naughty is the new Nice and discover the bold side of lust in Europe’s most notorious city.

In his lecture, the sex-positive psychologist will discuss his ground-breaking research on kink sexuality. Fous offers detailed insights into the psychological complexity and roots of kink desires and power-exchange from a scientific angle.Kink education pioneer Hans West will talk over the Dutch take on BDSM and kink culture by providing insights on how to deal with kinky patients and clients in context of the Dutch healthcare sector.

The non-profit event aims to:

  • Raise awareness amongst health care professionals and students that they need to understand kink in order to provide better patient care.
  • Provide insight into the Dutch kink culture.



  • Raise awareness for the need to understand kink in secondary professional target groups and medical professionals, i.e lawyers, teachers, A&E staff, therapists, midwives, police officers, firemen and anybody curious to learn more about the psychology behind kink.
  • Manifest freedom and fulfillment by breaking the chains of shame in order for one to be his or her truest self.


Health care professionals and anybody else interested in the Psychology of Kink, can order tickets now at EventBrite via https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/lecture-the-psychology-of-kink-tickets-48269946710

Or https://tinyurl.com/amskink


About boldpleasures B.V.: is a kink education site with an online presence across all major social media platforms based in Amsterdam, NL. boldpleasures is run by a volunteer team of knowledgeable kink explorers and educators who lead a fundamental societal shift by dedicating themselves to teach and discover the diverse ways on the kink lifestyle. boldpleasures also provides tools and techniques so that all those in their open-minded community can explore kink and BDSM safely and joyfully.

“boldpleasures has at its core the mission to eradicate the stigma surrounding kink. That is something I’m super passionate about. I believe in this day and age, we all have the right to discover and explore all parts of ourselves, including those darker fantasies and desires. Without shame, without fear and most importantly, without judgement”. -Sonja Kotrotsos-

For more information:

Web: www.boldpleasures.com
Email: info@boldpleasures.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ditchshame
Instagram: @boldpleasures

Twitter: @boldpleasures


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boldpleasures BV
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1012 JW Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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