Palawan, Philippines - The book à¢â‚¬à…“Conservation Studies on Palawan Biodiversity is now out of the market! This book is a compilation of researches conducted in cooperation with or initiated by the Katala Foundation, Inc. (KFI) and provides valuable information on biodiversity conservation topics in Palawan, Philippines. This volume is composed of 21 papers: four on mammals, six on birds, six on amphibians and reptiles, two on conservation education, two on wildlife trade and hunting and one on biodiversity utilization.

It is the intent of this publication to make available the findings of these researches to a wider audience to create awareness for and, if possible, to inspire more conservation projects for Palawan´s rich flora and fauna. Dr. Angel C. Alcala, who wrote the foreword of the book said, à¢â‚¬à…“The Katala Foundation, Inc. should be commended for taking the step, through this volume, to inform the public of the results of its research program, its supporters and its research collaborators.

à¢â‚¬à…“Conservation Studies on Palawan Biodiversity was launched on 10 December 2008 at Puerto Princesa City, Palawan on the occasion of the 10th year anniversary of the Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Program (PCCP) under the KFI. Editors of this book are Indira Dayang L. Widmann, Peter Widmann, Sabine Schoppe, Deborah V. Van den Beukel and Merlin Espeso.

This book is printed with contributions from BP Conservation Programme through the British Petroleum, Birdlife International, Conservation International, Wildlife Conservation Society and Fauna and Flora International and through the PCCP´s principal donor, the Loro Parque Fundacion and funding partners Chester Zoological Gardens, Zoologische Gesellschaft fuer Arten- und Populationsschutz (ZGAP, icl. Fonds Fuer Bedrohte Papageien and Strunden-Papageien-Stiftung), Conservation des Especà¨s et Des Populations Animales (CEPA) and Zoo de Beauval.

For more information about à¢â‚¬à…“Conservation Studies on Palawan Biodiversity, please visit or contact Katala Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 390,
Puerto Princesa City 5300, Palawan, Philippines with telefax +63 48 434 7693 or at these email addresses: [email protected] / [email protected]