Italy local time on Saturday night 11 game of the 2012-13 Serie A season will commence between Juventus and Inter Milan, 10 Harding Park, the two teams ranked standings with 28 points and 24 points, respectively The first two, which Juve this season, 9 wins and 1 unbeaten, while the inter-league season unbeaten rounds has reached 49, and will be a guest Turin City Inter equally menacing Manchester Rama Johnny ball team has tied the club in team history second-long eight-game winning streak (in all competitions), also unbeaten this season away from home and the Nerazzurri. This season, the Italian National Derby is the first leg of the contest, worthy of attention. Bianconeri's unbeaten league from the start of the final round of the 2010-11 season, the league had locked the seventh Juventus 2-2 home draw against Napoli, and backward twice equalized twice ups and the war situation. Contrary to the vast majority of people rather unexpected Juve last season in the Marshal Conti led the unbeaten record of 23 wins and 15 losses, and the final 84 points to beat defending champion Milan, to regain the league title. This season, walking still sound old woman of the same in the league top 10 to be strong, 9 wins and 1, they are the only undefeated team in Serie A This season, Juve 10 into 22 balls, is the most fierce the Serie offensive firepower team than Inter 2012-2013 soccer jerseys Milan and Rome more than three goals tied for second, lost five goals is also the most solid defensive team in Serie A than among in second place, less lost 1 ball in Naples. Offense and defense are showing excellent standard of the Bianconeri indeed continue windy Serie the warlords easily completed defending the momentum, although the 1-0 victory over Catania match referee mistakes to help, but the last round played semi-lineup but last minute lore Bologna, still highlights the the Zhezhi Juve unique place - the morale and unquestionable fighting spirit. Season, Juve has received a top duel test results rely on two goals substitute Caceres and Bo Geba Bianconeri 2-0 win easily occupy the overwhelming presence of the surface. Draw away to Florence is perhaps the Bianconeri the closest defeat the game, if of Montenegro striker Vidic's header is not beamed refuse Juve are likely to have tasted defeat. Last season, game fighting off Milan and Naples, Juve have lagged behind thrilling equalizer brave, is blowing in the Giuseppe Meazza Muntari goal, in Sao Paulo, Juve is twice the face behind two goals in the situation, results eventually 3-3 come out alive from the devil at home. Saturday Inter, Juve opponents are in the eight-game winning streak of momentum, Manchester Rama Johnny's team has renewed competitive league title aspirations, and to establish a new hegemony, in direct confrontation thrown to the reign of the king is Cheap Bayern Munich Jersey the most simple and direct way. However, Juve, after all, has the advantage of the favorable factors, and the league seven years unbeaten at home against Inter Milan Track Bianconeri officers and men in the psychological upper hand. The most direct reference collision last season, when Juventus home and away double play Inter. If we can win the Nerazzurri, Juventus put the tying and even to break the the Milan Serie longest unbeaten record (58 games) target solid step. Inter two-wire 8-game winning streak + Away 8 straight victories last season, Inter Milan only 6 league, the Nerazzurri start qualifying from the European Union has been completely swept the domestic league and the Champions League in the 2009-10 season domineering. However, in March this year, after by the the Young Marshal Manchester Rama Johnny took over the Nerazzurri still nurture progress. 3 Nerazzurri defender system like stricken tempered after finally exposed edge of the razor after this season, lost at home to bottom Siena, evolutions, maddening eight-game winning streak in the league and the European Union, the two lines, which the league is 6 -game winning streak, while Inter Milan in this process did not encounter the top four teams in the standings, but the victory over Florence and won the Derby victory will not be easy. Manchester Rama Johnny has tied Trapattoni, Simone and coach Claudio Ranieri made during the streak, if you win another five games, MAXI Liverpool 2012-2013 Jersey will be able to par Mancini, tying a club team in the history of the most long 13-game winning streak. Inter last five games, opponents are Juventus (away), the Bell Glade the guerrillas (away), Atlanta (away), the Cagliari (home) as well as Rubin Kazan (away), off a main schedule extremely difficult, and even more difficult the game is naturally the guest country of Turin with Juventus Derby. However, this season, Inter Milan seemingly without fear road trip, the Nerazzurri the officers and men away from the San Siro seems always able to travel light and will prevent the main tactical intent to maximize. 8 battle away this season, Inter Milan victory, has won Hejduk gas Nistelrooy, Pescara, Turin, Chievo, Neifuteqi, Milan and Bologna, really strong opponent only a Milan, but in Serie A arena so far unbeaten away team only in addition to Inter Milan Juventus (4 wins and 1 level). After the phone door phone scandal pinnacle of national derby, Inter and Juve total in the league arena battle 10 times, Juventus 5 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses prevail. Before 5 contest, the position of the two teams in the standings are the first three, but is in a period of peat, in view of the cut-off to the 2009-10 season Inter, leading five times against former integral are Inter, and The Nerazzurri both occupy the top position. Appear in the 2008-09 season, 32 teams only Cheap Monster Beats Studio top duel (the second), then Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho, plot 73 points in the Serie A horse leader, and Ranieri led Juventus is 10 points behind in second place, two teams also in Turin against Inter Milan Balotelli 64th minute head start, Juve stoppage time second minute equalizer by the right gate Grygera header. In the past two seasons in Serie A derby showdown before Juve and Inter ranking basically reflect the trend of the two teams the 2010-11 season, the two teams played against 6 and 25 respectively, the previous Inter Milan Juventus topped the 9th , after Inter Milan Juventus 3, the end of the season, Inter won the runner-up, Juve only 7th. Last season the two teams met in the 10 and 25, the previous Inter Juve topped 16, the latter Inter 7 Juve second end of the season, Juventus won Inter 6. Completed a thorough reconstruction of Juve face finally determined to rebuild the Inter obvious advantages, only 4 games against one draw and three wins. Even without considering the past, only from the state of the two teams this season, the game also influence the key battles of the Serie A championship. Cross season 49 Juventus from Milan's unbeaten record remaining 9 games, if we can win Inter, the most powerful opponent in the next 8 war left still deep trough Milan, tied the record the Rossoneri dynasty founded perhaps will become a reality.

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