Easynuts, a leading service provider in the Netherlands, announces an innovative platform that simplifies the setup of utilities for expats moving to new homes, particularly focusing on high-speed internet. This free service demonstrates the company's commitment to making transitions seamless, and strengthens its position as the go-to internet provider in the Netherlands.

Easynuts' platform curates the best internet deals tailored to individual needs. Whether it's ADSL, Cable or Fibre internet provider netherlands, users simply fill in their postcode and Easynuts provides an array of options. The platform features trusted suppliers such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, KPN, and Youfone, allowing customers to choose the best internet provider in the Netherlands based on their unique preferences.

Additionally, Easynuts eliminates the hassles of installation. The company arranges for a technician to set up your utilities free of charge, with no need for complicated manuals or Dutch phone menus. Every internet provider delivers a free router with a Wi-Fi connection, enabling seamless connection with multiple devices.

"Easynuts is the helping hand for expats moving into their new homes. We understand the challenges of setting up utilities, especially when you're unfamiliar with the area and the language," said Jeffrey Stoffels, CEO of Easynuts. "Our platform makes the process stress-free, and with our excellent customer service – in English – we're just a call away for any assistance."

The platform also offers the option to bundle services such as internet, TV, landline, and mobile into an all-in-one package, making it cost-effective and efficient for customers. For those interested in exploring local Dutch channels or learning the language, this comparison tool provides an easy way to review all the options and choose the most suitable deal.

Furthermore, Easynuts assures everything is arranged within 24 hours, working with trusted suppliers for services including energy, internet, TV, phone, water, and insurance. The company's commitment to green energy, along with offering flexible contracts and English customer service, makes it a one-stop-shop for all utility needs.

"Easynuts is not just about providing internet services; we're about making life easier for expats in the Netherlands. We promise a hassle-free experience, excellent service, and absolute satisfaction," Stoffels concluded.

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