Adecef, a fast growing IT company based at Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a deep experience in the mobile operator and content provider markets, has decided to extend its reach into the Benelux, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. Adecef has identified a strong demand in Northern Europe, where several operators and service providers have already shown interest in Adecef's Telgat Mobile Quality Monitor product line. Adecef expects its first customer shipment here before this Summer.

To accelerate sales and establish an initial foothold here, Adecef has teamed up with Aexus, a leading business development company for the telecommunications and IT industries, headquartered in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Says Gert Jan Boeve, CEO of Aexus: "Adecef´s solutions fit in our products and services portfolio very well. Several major operators and content providers, including Orange, Personal and Neomobile, have already deployed Adecef´s Telgat technology for QoS/QoE purposes. This will definitely be of interest to our customer base too. Besides, we are impressed with Adecef´s strong commitment to the quality of the products and services it provides and the solid position of the company, allowing for rapid growth internationally."

"Our decision to enter the Northern European market has been made very consciously. The Northern European markets have proven to be front runners in the adoption of new technologies and furthermore, several organizations here have already confirmed an interest in our solutions. We look forward to developing this market with Aexus, which has an extensive track record in the mobile market and an extensive network of contacts available", says Pablo Maffei, CEO of Adecef.

About Adecef

Adecef is a fast growing IT company based at Buenos Aires, Argentina, with deep experience on mobile operators and content providers markets. Adecef´s flagship product, Telgat® Mobile Quality Monitor, is a complete solution for Quality of Service (QoS) E2E monitoring, Global Roaming Quality and Revenue Assurance markets. The solution follows GSMA IREG´s standards, and particularly IR.81 which defines latest roaming quality standards, in course of adoption by most operators worldwide.

Global Roaming Testing service is a growing activity of Adecef, since roaming services quality requirements are increasing every day. For that market, Adecef deploys an international network of GSM probes, whose coverage constantly expands to new locations and networks worldwide.

As an associate member of the GSM Association, Adecef participates on the latest forums and technology brainstormings regarding future standards and trends of the mobile telecommunication market, and is strongly involved on the development of solutions to mobile challenges and needs.

About Aexus

Aexus is a sales & business development organization, focusing on the telecommunications and multimedia industries, with offices in The Netherlands, China and Australia. More information about Aexus can be found at