Activities in addition to the charm and ingenuity to restore ad shooting scene, invited Eddie Peng and Angelababy Brand Ambassador arrived at the scene to witness the surprise moment with hundreds of guests. Vibrant, cool, full of commercials by adidas NEO Label team work Eddie Angelababy special trip went shooting in San Francisco, USA. Surfboards, RV, UFO, leisure, sport props in the bold use of color, montage effects superimposed advertising the film turns flashed a group dressed in adidas NEO Label young people enjoy chasing fun at the beach, use of background music the the famous Swedish garage punk band THE HIVES singles "GO RIGHT the AHEAD maverick the casual ad style gives a fresh feel fully show the young brand of eclectic Nike Soccer Cleats and casual. Adidas NEO Label time "has endorsements, but once I learned to be shooting adidas NEO Label the world's first advertising piece, very excited to be able to join the fresh planning This ad, we go to San Francisco's Beach shooting, wearing adidas NEO Label clothing at the beach running, playing like a group of friends at the beach party, the whole feeling is very young and energetic, I very much enjoy this relaxed and casual feel! "Angelababy said.The adidas NEO Label the world's first commercials to create your fresh ", will premiere on September 15 in more than 200 cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xiamen, Nanjing, and for a period of around the campaign trail.