Li Yifeng, vice president of the Shanghai Garment Trade Association, said from the clothing brand and processing effective allocation point of view, the brand is at least 60%. Profits can be difference between the Chinese general OEM and brand five times or more. "However, to build its own brand of clothing profits is very impressive, Nike Soccer Cleats but some do OEM business to an international brand for many years, is not easy to create their own brand." Li Yifeng also said China's market of services and financial industry not standardized supporting social capital, it is difficult to effectively docking with these companies.Shanghai Adidas foundry business executives also admitted in an interview with reporters yesterday, must have not only create their own brand production strength, have to have the economic strength, it can not be an overnight thing. A brand to build with factory as may be required for 3-5 years, or even longer, as enterprises in the transition process often will encounter a variety of problems such as the chain enough funds, funds perhaps can support two-and-a-half years, even three years, but may be sent last then a few months, this time there will be concerns.The Adidas Group headquarters located in Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai ICC has officially put into use. The opening of the new site, not only confirms the sporting goods giant strong growth in China, the managing director of Adidas Greater China Skyline also said, For Adidas the road leading to the 2015 "strategy, which will be an important milestone, contribute to the Group's long-term business growth.In January of this year, Adidas has just Shanghai Brand Center opened to the Huaihai Road, to build the largest sporting goods stores in Shanghai, the new headquarters location and brand center formed echoes. According to reports, as the heart of the Adidas Group China, the new headquarters office space of 17,485 square meters, across seven floors of space compared to the former site of an increase of more than 20%. In this regard, the high, Skyline headquarters office space to expand, to adapt to the rapid development of business in China.