Insiders close to the Adidas company said garment processing has always been extremely price sensitive industry, together with the Chinese factories processing experience and scale up, as well as all aspects of cost. In contrast, Nike Soccer Cleats some countries in Southeast Asia in terms of production cost has more impact. "With the rise of China's production costs, especially labor costs, Adidas made in China can be transferred out is an inevitable trend."Generation of processing enterprises are facing restructuring and upgradingAdidas can find lower-cost foundries walk away, but was caught in the dilemma forced to "run out of food," the Chinese foundries. It is reported that in the termination of the contract foundries, some factory 100% production are dependent Adidas, basically no contact with the other customers, If you can not find the new orders in the short term, the only plant a road.In fact, since the financial crisis, China's manufacturing industry has been one after another relocation. Previously, the number 10 has been involved in home appliances, electronics, building materials, toys, food and other industries multinational companies to shut down or transfer of factories in China. Thus, in the context of increasingly weak cost advantage, China foundry business is facing unprecedented challenges. The industry believes that, along with the sustained economic development, population, resources and environment are significant changes, no longer be able to extend the advantages of low cost. Domestic foundries If you are unable to take this opportunity to transition is successful, it will inevitably be faced with ferocious collapse of crisis."Survival has become more and more OEM enterprises forced to seek transformation, especially the transition to the production of its own brand."