Adidas Chinese district sports fashion brand vice president Simon Millar, said: of "NEO is the the adidas family most young dynamic of the brand, and the lock youngest consumer generations, let us quite optimistic about the brand's future potential adidas NEO inception of the Label brand of the world's first TV commercials will soon premiere in China, fully demonstrates the importance adidas for the Chinese market, we also hope that the natural, unaffected way, the brand's youthful attitude and DNA into the lives of all young people, encouraging them to showed off their own fresh! "performance adidas NEO Label fresh, fresh, plays for tourists and bar waiters models suddenly transformed into a youthful dancers, wonderful flash fashion show staged a beach. The conference also meticulously reproduce many of the details of the advertising the Nike Soccer Cleats film: Beach trailer was placed above the stage; beach props casual hanging life buoy, surfboards, old-fashioned radio, etc., Eddie and Angelababy as if to return to filmmaking time the world's first commercials for adidas NEO Label portrait unveiling. Following the after Eddie and Angelababy cooperation movie, this advertising piece the two together again, "This was taken at the beach, the temperature is very low, and also a great sea breeze.Collaborative work environmentAs the heart of the Adidas Group China headquarters in Shanghai office space of 17,485 square meters, across seven floors, and space than the Office of the former site of an increase of more than 20%. Skyline explained: "With the rapid development in China, the original office space is stretched, we need to expand the area of the headquarters office, in order to better support staff in the planning of the new site, we strive to create one that reflects Adidas team spirit of the employees, the office atmosphere and team culture.