Atlanta, United States Though relatively new on the Internet, ATL Production Music has considerable experience in the field of audio and music production. The company sells original music, which they have created through their user friendly website. It aims to be the leading source of instrumental hip-hop beats and production music. This music would be available for royalty free use. The company has launched a new project on, to support the venture for royalty free music and production music for schools.


Their ability to keep their overhead at a minimal has been one of the key features of the company. From web programming to music creation, all the work takes place in the personal studios of the company, reducing the overall expense of production. This enables the music to be made available to customers at low prices. The Indiegogo project aims to help make top quality modern music easily accessible for teachers, students, and companies for their various purposes ranging from video promotions, advertisings to presentations and studio projects.


Customers looking to buy music for schools would find a growing range of musical genres offered on the ATL Production Music site. The site offers access to modern musical genres ranging from reggae to R&B and pop to hip-hop. Teachers can download the songs they want their apprentices to listen to or easily administer accounts to empower students to make their creative selections of music and sound effects for their projects. Students of music and other creative productions can expand their repertoire by listening and incorporating to the growing collection of tunes they have online for immediate download. The website is also available in other languages, besides English. The aim of the website is to collate songs, which cut across to people from different nationalities speaking different languages, proving that music is truly universal.


The company offers music at the most inexpensive rates, without compromising on its quality. In fact, the professionals go out of their way to make sure that the highest standards are maintained, in the music production.. By logging on to, the visitor will be drawn into a world of music that opens their minds to great and unique royalty free compositions. Whether one is a teacher or a student, a producer, singer, song-writer or casual listener, supporting their Indiegogo project would put the music back in their lives and in the hands of teachers and students.