When you become an egg donor, you are essentially donating life and in doing so, will be helping childless couples have a baby. To be an egg donor is a blessing that is not conferred on all women.

In U.S.A, an intending Egg donors in Canada has to be between the age of 21 to 35. 21 is the legal age and 35 being the upper limit for women to produce healthy eggs.

Surrogatematchmaker.com procedure


As far as surrogatematchmaker.com is concerned, the process usually begins with the intending egg donor registering with or contacting http://www.surrogatematchmaker.com/. Registration includes several photographs and physical examination by qualified gynecologists.


Additionally, surrogatematchmaker.com internal policy specifies that the intending egg donor should have delivered healthy child/children of her own and be willing to undergo medical tests the costs of which, will be fully borne by surrogatematchmaker.com


An intending egg recipient or Intended parents, select the prospective egg donor by looking in the photo gallery of registered prospective egg donors. Once a choice is made and if the intending egg recipient or intending parents so desire, they may meet the prospective surrogate egg donor.

If the intending egg recipient or intending parents approve the egg donor, the next stage of the process begins which is a detailed medical examination of the egg donor including her past medical history and infectious disease screening.

The above steps are necessary because the children born as a result of egg donation will have half the genes coming from the egg donor. Therefore the egg donor‘˜s physic, intelligence, family background etc. need to be approved by the intending egg recipient or Surrogate Parents.

Detailed Medical Examination

Once the medical test reports are received and the intending parents are happy with it, the egg donor and the recipient undergo a minor procedure involving a few injections so that their cycles are matched. Thereafter the egg donor is given additional injections to stimulate her ovaries to produce many eggs. Once these eggs are ready, another small procedure is done to remove the eggs and the egg donor‘˜s job is done.

The harvested eggs are taken to pre-selected vitro fertilization clinic where the eggs will be mixed with the father‘˜s sperm. The resultant embryo will then be transferred into the uterus of the recipient.


The egg donor will have no legal claim over any child / children born out of this procedure. Surrogacy is full legal in USA and has the full support and backing of the law.

The entire cost of medical examination, medical tests, medical procedures, travel etc. will be borne by surrogatematchmaker.com (these costs will be recovered from the intending parents as part of the fees).

Surrogatematchmaker.com will treat the egg donors details with the utmost confidentiality and it will not be used for advertisement purposes. Only intending parents will have access to your information.

So long as she is medically fit and continues to fulfill the selection criteria, a successful egg donor has the option to continue to be in the surrogatematchmaker.com database of prospective egg donors.

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