Mumbai, India The Stiff Collar Company was founded in a suburb of Mumbai in a coffee shop by a team of sellers, who sold comics, garments, newspaper and soap. They had set up operations with an initial capital of six lakhs and a second hand computer. Since then, the small firm set up by this motley group of people has graduated to a big company with its own warehouse in an industrial complex. They now sell a wide array of products that includes full sleeves shirts, half sleeve shirts, French cuffs and plus size clothes. Online shirts shopping for men have probably never been easier. The main focus of this company is on men‘˜s clothes. The unique selling proposition of this firm has been to sell shirts with English cuts and classic style detailing. In fact the success story of this firm has been covered in many newspapers.

Most shirts sold by this company are in a price range of eight hundred to one thousand rupees. People in India know their shirt size by a number like thirty eight, forty two or forty four. These numbers correspond to small, medium, large or extra large. These are measurements of the collar size and not chest size as some people mistakenly think. It is not uncommon for buyers to be confused by what the size of their shirt should be. That is why the company website has a table that gives a breakdown of which size in numbers correspond to which size in words. In case buyers are still confused, they can contact the company hot line to clarify their doubts.

The company that had a major role to play in revolutionizing shirts online shopping in India knows that buyers may sometimes buy shirt in the wrong size or in the wrong color. Thus, the company has a very good returns policy. They encourage the buyer to try on the shirt and in case they have any problems with it, the buyer can always send the shirt back along with the invoice to the company address. The firm will provide the buyer with a full refund or exchange the purchased shirt for a shirt of a different size and color. The buyer would be required to do this within fifteen days of buying the shirt. To know more, log on to to buy shirts online India.

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