"I'm sorry," I said, "I am under no obligation to give you a messenger, my father would not go to your house.""What a temper," he said, "is a stubborn species."I Yao seven abandoned in the back of the head, and turned into a piece of wide blue alley after alley with village WulongheOn Hanlin bridge connected, the Hanlin bridge, is the road leading to the county. I saw parked in front of one of the old blue houseCars Santana, the driver in the car listening to music, a few children around the car around, from time to time a fingerThe poking the bright car shell. The lower half of the body, spattered with black mud. I know there must be cadres kept the old LanHouse. This time. It is eating and drinking, standing in the alley, will be able to smell from the old blue home exudesLike clouds, like the aroma. From these aroma, I accurately identify the smell of all kinds of meat, as if the eyes haveSee. Reminds me of a mother's teachings: dinner in someone's home, do not go in, or make peopleAwkward, but also make their own embarrassment. But another thought, I am not come to his house to discuss his family eat, IIn order to invite him to my house for dinner from his home. So I decided to break into the mandate entrusted to me to complete the mother.This is the first time I entered the door of the old blue house. As I've said, the houses of the old blue house fromOutside look not as good as our house style, but entered the yard of his home and found his house with myFundamental difference in house. My house is like a white skinned child wrapped Lancai to help the child to do the stuffing packageSon, the old blue house is a black-skinned children Sam Sun stuffing wrapped in buns. That Black children is coloredValuable small grains mixed finishing, extremely rich in nutrients, pollution-free black-faced; white children of my looksVery white, actually brightener dye white garbage surface that are harmful to the human body. This surface is InventoryYears, the loss the nutrition of preparing wheat crushed. Buns analogy between our two houses, very bad,I know, please forgive me, Monk, educational level is not high, can not think of a better analogy. Enter the gate,Two mighty Shepherd majesty to her I call him. They are tied in a gorgeous kennel, wearing a neckNickel-plated chain, full blast rang.I subconsciously body shrink to the foot of the wall, ready to resist their attack. But two proud dog rootThis no to my indifference, and bark for me nothing more than routine fills. I saw the bowl uggs boots for women in front of themYard, there are a lot of fine food, as well as a bone, a lot of red meat on the bones.