In midweek Chelsea and Manchester United in the League Cup, a Chelsea fans in the stands do an "imitation monkey action against the Manchester United striker Welbeck expressed last weekend against Manchester United and the referee Clattenburg's dissatisfaction. Today, this has been the fans' true identity has surfaced after some searching, he called Gavin - Cork Beckham. In normal life, he is an out-and-out "crazy." "Daily Mail" reported recently living according to some of the crazy fans weekday published, including a wearing Cork Beckham, men's bikini, curved arms around, like a living clown. At the same time, the British media said the Cork Beckham in the photo slightly bent a little waist, then arm slightly drooping some words, it is exactly the same and that monkey action Welbeck, that is to say, this Crazy Chelsea fans have come prepared. Not only that, the "Daily Mail" also exposed a Cork Beckham wearing a floral dress, wearing a green wig photo, Premier League goddess Kelly - Brook recently wig performances some, but Branch Kehan ??Mu Performing far apart with Premiership goddess, against the background of his men's slippers and black socks, the Authentic Football Shirt performance of the Chelsea fans only spoof to describe the In Cork Beckham's identity was exposed after some Chelsea fans to the forum, said the Cork Beckham is a like a person in front of the media limelight, his aim is to discredit the club. A family member of the Cork Beckham said, "I can not believe he would do such a thing, he has some black friends, Asian friends, he is not a race molecules I know, he did not order racial discrimination. "Interestingly, the famous British media," Sun "also tried to interview Cork Beckham, When local reporter knocked on his door and his behavior he had made some comments, The the mad Chelsea fans, said: "I'm busy now, there is no time to comment this." and he also said, does not have any police or Chelsea officials approached him recently. In addition, he is reluctant to say more just hastily sent Sun reporter: "Give me a call tomorrow." Rogers said, is now diving has become a trend in the Premiership, but coach only for Suarez a person, this is ridiculous. Rogers admitted the club need to buy two Chelsea Home Shirts or three people in January, but he is also well aware of the winter window Amoy to good players is not easy. England local time on Sunday (the 4th) at 16:00 pm (Beijing time at 0:00 on the 5th) 10 of the 2012-2013 Premier League season, Liverpool sits at Anfield against Newcastle. Friday's pre-match press conference, Rogers again Suarez innocence. Let him understand that the league is so much diving players, why public opinion to gunfire concentrated to the Uruguayans who? Today in the Premiership can be said that diving has become a trend, acting, particularly foreign players. Suarez swerved emergency stop from time to time in the penalty area, was recognized as the Premiership's first diving king. However, such a title that Rogers has been very angry, "I believe that the debate about diving to be kept alive, because each club has a diving only." "A specific Suarez, this is ridiculous. Just last week, two be regarded as outstanding professional players Angell - the Lan Jieer (Swansea) - Phil Neville (Everton), diving Angelo - Ranger Seoul diving is a yellow card in the match against Manchester City, I worked XAVI Barcelona 2012-2013 Shirt with him for two years, he is one of the most honest people I've seen in this life, but he was booked because flopping. "Philippines Seoul - Neville 35 years old, he is to play for Everton for so many years, it is generally accepted that he is an honest man, very decent professional player, but he also diving. know, Moyes before just criticized the other team's players (Suarez) diving as well as Torres because flopping eat second yellow card. coaches Now he kept criticism Luis (Suarez), but I can guarantee you under the command of players diving Rogers said Suarez easily fell to the ground, which is the habit when he was playing in other countries. The different geographical culture, to the opinion flopping different. Rogers said, "I hope that we will not blame Suarez, before he can easily be regarded as a target, but he is not a liar. Because the culture of each country is different, for example, in Spain and South America, diving will be skills as a striker. course, we do not like diving rampant, I personally feel that we should continue to strive for Cheap Monster Beats By Dre Mixr the elimination of flopping, but if the league Suarez diving it is purely raving. "Rogers said frankly, Liverpool in January to introduce at least two to three people, "the January transfer window, we need new, I do not want to say the exact number, but we need to support the frontcourt. Perhaps we need two to three people. I idea. we are working in this direction, we need a fast player. Suarez is my only striker, Ye Xier, after all, still only 18 years old. "Arsenal winger Walcott Rogers as a major goal. But Rogers also well aware that good players it is not easy to be bought in January, "We have funds signings, I've been with the boss to talk about, as well as our network of scouts January is always very difficult transfer market difficult for you to get too many good players. clubs are often reluctant to sell players halfway around the world, but our scouts looking for good players, they were looking for players for our acquisition, we wind the ball. Obviously, the strength strong cheap good player, easy to find, but we must work hard. "

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