Controversial referee Clattenburg receiving psychological treatment in order to return to the game, the referee company denied the collective boycott law enforcement the Blues game. , The Blues he Buyiburao and complaints his racial discrimination midfielder Mikel controversial referee Clattenburg notorious law enforcement Chelsea lost at home to Manchester United game, he will receive psychological treatment in order to return to the game, the referee company to deny collective boycott law enforcement the Blues য”ਵ‘ºà¥…‘¹à¦‘¹‘°à¦»-़¯à¦ ¼ in this game controversial red card penalty Torres and Ivanovic, after the game was Chelsea manager DiMatteo publicly blasted a complaint against him race, while the Blues discrimination midfielder Mikel he pursued vigorously. This weekend, he no enforcement Premier League match, a career match referee Limited (PMGO) worry about the game caused him psychological burden, they stressed Clattenburg has not been punished or suspended, will return to action after his psychological recovery to normal. Clattenburg Chelsea complaints very confused, New Football Shirt he insisted that he was innocent the, PMGO hope that he will return to action as soon as possible. FA has launched an investigation, taking into account the interests of all parties, and they will make a decision as soon as possible, and to ask all relevant personnel, including Mikel, Ramires and other officials of the game. The Football Association is expected to announce next weekend punitive measures, the If Clattenburg innocence, the Chelsea staff and players of unauthorized entry to the the referee Lounge necessary fined. Terry racial discrimination Anton - Ferdinand inconclusive police investigation dragged on for a year only, and this time the HKFA can quickly conclusive. Although the Black Lawyers Association complained to the police, but they did not have clear evidence available for review, for example, video data. Former Premiership marshal, and the current general manager of the Referee Committee Mike Riley - even behind Clattenburg, he also received Real Madrid Shirts the support of the industry, including a full-time sports psychologist. In addition, the British media have reported that Premiership referee because of dissatisfaction with Chelsea Clattenburg hot pursuit, decided to collective boycott in the day after the Italian national derby, Moratti still very pleased victory, he praised coach Manchester Rama Johnny's work exceeded all expectations. Moratti once again talked about the referee in the game twice a miscarriage of justice, and the Missing red card is more serious than the offside goal. Law enforcement the Blues game, but this PGMO deny. In the 11th round of the Serie A last weekend, Inter Milan 3-1 away victory over the leader Juventus, the two teams integral to narrow the gap to 1 point, as well as termination of the the Bianconeri 49 Serie A unbeaten record. Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti in an interview after the game the next day when, once again expressed the joy New XAVI Barcelona Shirt of victory, "This is a good game, but also has a very important symbolic meaning, happy I win. This is the result of hard work of the whole team and Manchester Rama Johnny coach, and now we are very united and very confident, and I do not even think this is the most exciting Italian Derby. referee in the game again committed a serious error, first do not see Vidal's goal offside, and subsequently did not follow the rules penalty under à¥Ë†©à¥¸Å’গ½à¦³°à§º³ the. President Massimo Moratti once again talked about this issue, "The referee will always make mistakes, this is one part I did not resent Juventus Club course, we must pay close attention to this issue, because of a stupid mistake like this can not be allowed to offside goals is a serious error, but the second more serious miscarriage of justice, and I do not want to evaluate the referee Thalia Vento, Cheap Monster Beats Steve Jobs but like the game yesterday, the second error is groundless. "Indeed, in a lot of games in an error, but will determine whether offside Lichtsteiner Palacio vicious foul, but escaped a second yellow card, this is completely referee Thalia Vento deliberately spare. But Inter eventually succeeded in reversing victory, President Massimo Moratti before the referee Thalia Vento error ton of bricks. Juve manager Marotta said before the game the Inter coach Lancaster Rama Johnny attitude of "casual" game, after the game Spoelstra returned fire, and Marotta explained that Spoelstra misunderstood the meaning . Moratti expressed support for the coach, "Marotta is a good person, but he explained after the game when the wording worse, I think we all understand that 'casual' the negative connotation of the word, I think, Stella Maqiao Ni than anyone expected to do better. course, Inter are a young team, we still need more experience. use three strikers in the Beats By Dre Cheap team in the game does not allow me to be surprised, I am very aware of Spoelstra and the players, I know what they can do on the court, I believe that everything will be smooth. "big shake-up this summer, Inter Milan, to let go of a lot of meritorious veteran, and also introduced a lot of players when playing . See the team's performance, President Massimo Moratti said he was very satisfied with the club's transfer, "I think the team is doing very well in the transfer market, and I am glad. Blanca professional competence my approval has been obtained, the same is true in the other season. "Handanovic, Palacio, Cassano Inter Milan this season, the introduction of many new team become important players only failed signings only defender Mikael Silvestre. Premiership 10, Liverpool against Newcastle first half Liverpool obvious advantages, but he was the Alpha breakthrough defensive assists Cabaille world wave broke, half Newcastle 1-0 Liverpool.

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