Let's go Jiaojiao small pass? "My father said," Maybe forget. '"No," the mother said, "I Uggs On Clearanceforgot certainly never forget.""But the dish is cold." Annoyed "a small village head, what is the big deal?"Father and mother eye a look faint smile.This bastard is now more than just a village head. Heard that we slaughter village has been the city zoned to the newEconomic Development Zone, has attracted a lot of foreign investment. Construction of a number of factories and high-rise buildings, dug a giantLarge artificial lake. The lake smelled goose duckling shape of cruise ships. The perimeter of the lake, novel design,Elegant villas with wood, like a fairy tale world. Men live here are driving luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz, BMW,Buick, Lexus, most times, is also a red flag. Woman living here holding the noble dog, pug, chaiseDog, Shar Pei, butterfly dog, there seem clearly is a sheep dog dog, there are some mighty tallDog like a tiger. Have a delicate skin, plain hand slender Jiaochuan slight woman, two Tibetan mastiff pullInviting to go in the lake, this lovely mistress' body back upturned, her posture, a bit like a slip on LakeWater, a bit like a harrow the fields. Monk, this society, hard-working people, can only be made a small fortune,Even a small sum of money could not send, barely enough to eat and wear only those bold heart black shameless to make a bigChoi into wealthy. Such a bad guy like the old blue money money, reputation honorary want status status, you saidThere is justice in the world do? Monk smiled in silence. I know that this anger is very cheap, is full of "BeggarSub bite the hair of the poor hate ", but my level is so high, perhaps, and so my hair for the monks will practice three yearsCalm.I speak what I really, monk Because of this, you have to accept me as a disciple,I have not yet awakened into Buddhism with a Buddhist monk's staff, you can break out. You Look, monk, old blueBandits, really did you get a soil gun, Did he really dare shoot should repair his ancestors from five through Temple,Become Xuerouhengfei slaughterhouse? I know he dare this man, I understand. He perspiring from a gasThe blow of his men, who took over the rod coarse the bobbin soil gun. This earth gun accurately should be called MicAlthough the Sparkle Uggs shape is ugly, but powerful. I remember when my father played. His mouth spit foul language, yellowChildren of color eyeball like gilded ball, although it is a suit, but look just like a bandit.