United Momentum Group recently entered cooperation with De Mobiele Fabriek. Both organisations want to make a concrete contribution to a sustainable society with the use of a mobile production facility that uses a single operation to process debris, construction waste and road infrastructure into normal building materials, semi-manufactures, and decorative materials.
Sustainability as important pillarUnited Momentum Group, consisting of the divisions Momentum Real Estate and Momentum Invest, is a commercial and profitable business aimed at continuity and sustainability. The organisation wants to contribute to sustainable development by introducing new manners and forms of socially responsible investing.  “The cooperation with De Mobiele Fabriek is an excellent step forward for us and our clients and a unique chance to develop sustainably. We have also decided to invest directly ourselves and actively participate in the projects of De Mobiele Fabriek”, says Martijn van Rheenen, director of Momentum Invest and Momentum Real Estate.  Building materials from 85% recycled raw materialsDe Mobiele Fabriek was founded with the aim of realising and operating the ‘Flying Dutchman’. The Flying Dutchman is a mobile production facility tailored to containerisation which in a single operation processes debris, building waste and road infrastructures into normal building materials, semi-manufactures and decorative materials. Using The Flying Dutchman De Mobiele Fabriek hopes to make a concrete contribution to a sustainable society on the basis of social and economic excess value. The Flying Dutchman creates new building material on location from the building debris resulting from natural disasters, wars and the demolition of buildings. In first instance new concrete is made from the processed debris. Current building materials are produced by making use of primarily natural raw materials which are becoming scarcer. By recycling the debris and processing it into new concrete products the new building material consists of 85% recycled materials. In addition to substantial cost savings, this also means significant savings in natural raw materials.  Momentum Invest will use its financial expertise to structurally support De Mobiele Fabriek in finding investors for the acquisition of the first Flying Dutchman. At the moment De Mobiele Fabriek is in talks with Cordaid (a major Dutch development aid organisation) to realise a pilot programme together. This pilot will most likely take place in Nigeria.  For more information on De Mobiele fabriek or other investment projects in Momentum Invest’s portfolio, contact United Momentum Group. Telephone number: +31 (0)20-31 21 911. Or go to www.momentuminvest.com or www.demobielefabriek.nl