Has it just bucked the economic crisis, or profited from it?

Kreuzlingen, August 2009 The trend away from paper invoices to E-Invoicing continues unabated. More and more companies are recognizing the enormous cost-saving potential that the electronic processing of invoices offers. Now the European Commission has joined in with E-Invoicing and E-Ordering projects in the public sector.

The European EXPP Summit 2009 Europe´s leading E-Invoicing & E-Billing congress takes up this subject by bringing together experts from all over Europe at the fifth such summit, being held in Amsterdam from September 21 to 22, 2009. Under pressure because of the economic crisis, many businesses and public institutions see themselves having to reduce costs. Changing from paper invoices to electronic invoicing can do just that, and in a big way. à¢â‚¬à…“Electronic and automated E-Invoicing and E-Billing allow a cost saving of 60 to 80 percent over traditional, paper-based methods, says Bruno Koch, one of Europe´s first pioneers of E-Invoicing and founder of the European EXPP Summit.

European EXPP Summit 2009 participants can expect a varied program that includes talks by specialists in the E-Invoicing field, international case studies and interactive discussions. During the two-day event, top-flight speakers from BT Global Services, the Danish Government, Euro Banking Association, European Commission, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Telenor, Wà¤rtsilठCorporation, among many others, will report on their experience with E-Invoicing projects and offer participants valuable advice for its successful implementation. Discussions will include the role of banks, but also the importance of business networks for quick market acceptance of E-Invoicing. Global Shared Services strategies are also on the agenda, as is a look at the fast-growing E-Invoicing market in Latin America. A pilot project of the European Commission involving E-Invoicing and E-Ordering in the public sector will be presented from the viewpoint of both the EC and a provider.

The European EXPP Summit will be followed on September 23 by the E-Invoicing Operators' Forum. This forum is especially for providers of E-Invoicing services and offers a platform for the exchange of information and the discussion of strategic business models. The presentations given by operators and international companies will be followed by a status report from members of the European Commission Expert Group on E-Invoicing explaining their preliminary results.

The combination of talks by experts, success stories, panel and roundtable discussions, and especially the focus on Europe, makes the European EXPP Summit 2009 a ´must-attend´ event for all who are planning to realise substantial cost-savings in their financial supply chain.

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