Press report.


Dear Editorial staff,

On the 15 th of november 2008, EuropeanCompanyMarket will launch their website in Europe. is an advertisement-website for companies that are either for sale or that are on the market to be taken over. We also aim at offer and demand in medical practices.
By registering, clients can put themselves or their practice or company in the spotlights.
We will be shifting and exceeding borders.
We work in 6 languages across all of Europe.
There are still many areas where there is a great need for medics, but also for experts, technical people, farmers and people working in the IT sector.
In city areas there is often abundance, while on the so-called countryside, where life is still good, there is an enormous shortage. Money usually doesn´t need to play a part; life is cheaper there, but above all, more relaxed.

There is great demand for industrial, retail and medical practices in particular areas in Norway, Sweden, France, the east of Germany, Spain and Italy.

With out website, we hope to bring these searching parties together.
Our searching-possibilities are:
By language
By country
By province or region
By industry
By retail
By medical

Communication between candidates runs through us (EuropeanCompanyMarket), and if candidates decide to do further business with each other, they can decide for themselves whether they want to correspond through us or if they would rather do this together.

By placing a small article in your newspaper, you would be helping us a great deal, along with thousands of fellow Europeans. We won´t get far without a reputation.

Yours sincerely,


G.van Holten.

Postbus 2608

2940 AC Lekkerkerk

The Netherlands