So a new year is just about upon us, and it is time to decide your intention for the next 12 months. What are your health goals going to be? Will 2012 be the year that you get back your mobility, your enthusiasm, your freedom, your joy? Here are 5 tips to make 2012 the most pain free and enjoyable yet:

1. Get a picture of what you want. It is important to have an ideal picture of your body's health that you can call up frequently - do this at least daily. If you don't visualize very well, then imagine in whatever form you can how you really want to look, feel, and move and be. This could be as simple as a feeling in your body - recall a time when you felt energetic, carefree and happy and bring that feeling back into your body for as long as you can sustain it. Try Deep Sleep Meditation MP3

2. Write down 10 benefits of achieving freedom from back pain management, and 10 consequences of failing. Once you have this list, make it a daily focus to think on the list of benefits, and then tear up or burn the list of consequences.

3. Spend a day noticing your thoughts about your health and write down as many of these as you can capture. Now using this list, identify the thoughts that don't serve your desired health goals. Write down what you would prefer instead. Create a new list out of these thoughts and focus on them daily and create Effective migraine pain relief technique.

4. Create a picture in your mind with your current experience of your health. Create a second picture in your mind about what you want instead. Take the original picture and make it small and dark and let it fade away to nothing. Take the second picture and blow it up large and bright, turn it into an action movie and really get into it. Play with it and have some fun - your positive emotions will give more power and energy to the results you achieve.

5. Close your eyes and get in touch with your desire for health and freedom from migraine pain management. Breathe deeply and feel the desire in your body. By expanding your ability to breathe deeply, you are helping your body on a cellular level, which will in turn help you in all aspects of your health. Now imagine in front of you a dial like one you would see on a radio, reach out and turn the dial to maximum effect. Notice an increase in your desire and in your feelings of relief. Remember that your health and everything else in your life and experience start with you and your thoughts. Make it your desire and your plan to do each of these steps daily. Try Effective methods of pain management.

Spend as much time as you can spare on each of the steps, and keep a note in your diary of your progress. I wish you the best of health and happiness for 2012 - make this your best year yet! And feel free to comment on your progress with these tips - I love getting questions and feedback!

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