Following a series of successful running shoes, recently Nike introduced nike free running the lightest and most flexible running shoe, the Nike Free Run. If you put on Nike Free Run shoes,you will surely marvel at its comfortability. Ever since Nike Free shoescame out in 2004,it has changed our traditional thought about running shoes.Atlanta Olympic Games was held in 1996, and the golden running shoes appeared on it, and its designer, Michael Johnson, was also the world sprint star. Toby explains the features of the Nike Free series in detail. The traditional sports shoes can make the foot pressure area with relative concentration and the area is very small, and it is completely the opposite picture of Nike Free. It allows the heel, thumb and metatarsal area to bear more pressures, the force distribution is uniform, which produce the maximum simulation feeling of barefoot movement.

The Nike Free Run has really changed the face of running shoes, opening a whole new vision into what running shoes could do to keep your feet and body comfortable. It features a considerably more structured look on its upper,though they are just as lightweight and breathable as the originals. Nike Free Run's upper is made of lightweight mesh and perforated synthetic leather, which allows air circulate around the feet. Besides, this kind of design can help to keep your feet dry and comfortable when your workout heats up. This lightweight, breathable design also adds to the barefoot-like feel of this walking shoe. Made to mimic the movement of bare feet, the flex grooves that run down the length and width of the Nike Free Run make the shoe's more natural and more flexibile.Besides,there are a variety of colors which means the customers may have more choices.

Like other kinds of Nike Free shoes, these Nike Free Run shoes footwear are designed to permit your feet to proceed additional naturally, thus strengthening the feet and reduced program and stopping injuries. The cuts inside outsole on the shoe can make the Nike Free Run very flexible, permitting your foot to proceed with comparable effortless and versatility as though it has already been barefoot. nike free run hot punch have so many advantages such as excellent support, distinctive comfort and the natural feeling of barefoot running. Because of its unbelievable comfort and natural barefoot feeling, the Nike Free Run has been popular among running lovers around the world. You can experience the unprecedented feeling from it which can't be gotten from other running shoes. Nike Free Run has many different styles:nike free run 2 mens,nike free run 2 womens, nike free run mens and nike free run womens,to name just a few.

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