or warrants in their favour for the necessary sum or sums, which shall be deposited in  the treasury to the credit of the fund for internal improvement, to be applied by the said board, on the warrants of the second auditor towards the payment of such interest. 4. This act shall Cheap Jerseys commence canada goose jackets sale and be in force from and after the Commencement, passing thereof.

"       "     CHAP. canada goose parka 3. An ACT making certain July, deliver one fair copy thereof to the clerk of the county, city, oakley sunglasses cheap town or borough, to be by him preserved amongst his records, free Subject to free for the inspection of every person Hermes birkin in hermes bags for cheap any manner interested therein, '"'i' cl1 "and sh hermes bags 2012 all, on or before the first day of October, deliver another cheap hermes bags fair Cony to bi  nt to copy thereof to the auditor of public accounts, as his guide in cor- "udltorreeting the equalizer's book, and in settling with the sheriff, and on Copy for siicriff or before the thirtieth day of June, shall deliver another fair copy thereof to the sheriff of the county, which shall be his guide in hermes birkin bags collecting the land tax of the current year.

2. And hermes belt be it further enacted, That .the commissioners of the re- i.i ts or taxable venue in the several counties, NFL Jerseys Sale, towns and boroughs of this rThow'tobo" commonwealth, canada goose jacket shall severally, on the first day of March in each taken year, begin and proceed without delay through their respective districts, to make their lists of property subject to taxation, and shall call upon every hermes bags for cheap person Hermes birkin subject to taxation, or having property in.

his or her hermes kelly bag possession or care, hermes kelly bag on which any tax is imposed, for a oakley frogskins written list thereof, which list being corrected if necessary, and distinctly read over by the commissioner to the person delivering the same, he or she shall Cheap Michael Kors Bags then make oath or affirmation, that such list oath of persons contains a just and true account of all persons, and of every species of property in his or her possession or care, within the district  land oifly excepted , subject to hermes bags 2012 taxation on the last day of February then next cheap canada goose jackets preceding  and canada goose outlet cheap oakley sunglasses that no contract, change or removal whatever hermes birkin bags oakley sunglasses outlet of property had been made or entered into, or any other hermes belt method devised, practised or usedx in order to evade the cheap hermes bags payment canada goose jacket men of taxes  which oath or affirmation the commissioner of the TO bo administerrevenue is hereby empowered and directed to administer. And  toner.Con"n" the said list of taxable property and land shall have cheap oakley holbrook relation to the last day of Cheap Michael Kors Bags the same month of February.