How To Make More Money Cool iPhone 5 Cases Through Google Adsense?

Tired of seeing clicks that are paying your $0.05? There is something you can do about it.

The biggest outcry for pretty well all adsense publishers is most often about low paying click values. If you're wondering why Google is only paying you $0.05 a click, you should not need to look much further than the content on your web page. Remember, your revenue is a part of the amount advertisers are willing to pay for respective keywords. The money they are willing to pay is based strictly on the amount they feel confident to earn from the sale of their product. For example, topics such as prom dresses, are more likely to receive $0.05 clicks than for a topic like life insurance. The reason is simple: the price of the products associated with those keywords dictate the amount advertisers will pay. The profits on car insurance can range from a Best iPhone 5 Cases few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, depending on the agreement. One sale could bring the firm several tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the agreement. How much profit is in prom dresses?

Another tip to consider is that if you focus on keywords that involve the terms "cheap", "free", or "inexpensive" products, its highly unlikely the ads that appear will furnish you with the best paying ads. Remember, if the advertiser is selling iPhone 5 Case an itemrespective that is "cheap", "free", or "inexpensive" its unlikely they are bidding very highly on their keywords. So, what options are left for you?

While I will touch on how the layout of your site can impact your adsense revenue, lets look at your content - namely what we will call your money pages. So what exactly are your money pages? iPhone 5 Cases

In the easiest of terms, your money pages are those where you believe your hopes for higher paying ads are greatly improved over other pages. So while you may focus your traffic generating strategy on long tail keywords for example, its your money pages where you aim to either make a sale, or, get the visitor to click on an ad. What topics are related to your main topic that target higher paying products? A bit of research and you can easily find products that an advertiser will pay more for.

If your site is on cooking, what products do you use to cook with? Is there some type of gizmo you use to help prepare your food? Cutlery, bakeware and cookware all payout larger amounts than items found in a recipe for cheesecake.

What if your site is about newborn babies? Every mom and dad wants to make sure that they yahoo are providing the proper care for their new additions. How they made sure their financial plan has been adjusted to provide insurance coverage for the family? What about college savings? Retirement funds? What about clothes?

If your site is on wedding favors, look into a couple of articles covering higher end wedding favors. While most wedding favor sites cover the topic of shoddy wedding favors, what about the demographic who isnt concerned about the cost of their wedding? Is there not a certain type of wedding favor for the higher end of income earners that you could speak to? While the number of clicks may be lower, their payout will more than make up for it.

Think about the advertisers when thinking about your money pages. Is there an item that they Custom iPhone 5 Case sell for a higher dollar value that your visitors may be interested in?

If you are getting only $0.05 a click, more most often than not, its your google content.