Malthusian philosophers would ascertain, by the period of its Cheap Jerseys reprints, the rate at which population was doubling itself. cheap oakley holbrook The cycle of Hope would be a happy measurement of time. The difference between the man who has felt love, cheap hermes bags and the youth who deems it his poetical duty to talk of hermes bags for cheap Jove, might be very well illustrated bcomparing some beautiful passages from Gertrude with the commencement of hermes birkin bags the second part of the Pleasures of Hope, where the author descants on Affection, Hymen, and Paradise  " Without the smile from partial Beauty won, Oh! what were man ? a world without a sun,"  c.

But the conclusion of the poem most strikingly combines the qualities that will permanently insure admiration first, and objection afterwards, with successive generations of readers. It is splendid writing, though irregular and incongruous in its magnificence. The natural climax of the poem is the immortalityof the soul. But it is neither true nor natural, for the hope of endless existence, to pour scorn on temporary existence. If this be only a " barren world," the whole Song of Hope is a fallacy, till we come to its final stanza. The ill-omened disconnection of Hope hermes bags 2012 from Wisdom, at the beginning, is then to be taken as the latent philosophy of the poem.

It only amuses us with a succession of bright bubbles. Glittering fabrics, which we thought were, as they professed to be, deep founded in the constitution of nature, are merely exhibited to be annihilated. We cannot concede that, in this sense, " Hope, undismay'd, Cheap Michael Kors Bags shall o'er the ruins smile, And light her torch at Nature's funeral pile." For Hope ought to be dismayed in her final prophecy if oakley frogskins all her former predictions had been vain. The metaphor by which the poet describes man, supposing him destined to eternal death, is as just as it hermes kelly bag is impressive  his " Mortal life, and momentary fire, Light to the grave his chance-created form, As ocean-wrecks illuminate cheap oakley sunglasses the storm  And when the gun's tremendous flash is oakley sunglasses outlet o'er, To night and silence sink for evermore." But why distort all the beauties and blessings of that oakley sunglasses cheap mortal Hermes birkin life, deny the good of all its hope, felt and fulfilled, as if passion and perversion could aggrandize immortality ?

" But if the warring winds of Nature's strife Be all the faithless charter of my life, If hermes belt Chance awaked, inexorable power! This frail and feverish being of an hour, Doom'd o'er the world's precarious scene to sweep, Swift as the tempest travels o'er the deep, To know Delight but by her parting smile, And toil, and wish, and weep a little while .