To grip scoring opportunity at home to beat his opponent does not have too much problem, both the last round of fighting hand to hand, the the Bianconeri number of shots is three times the opponent, can see the disparity in power. If Juventus can beat North Zealand, the team also will celebrate the first victory in the Champions League this season. Aspect Two: Vucinic played suspected Vucinic Juventus this season, the most reliable striker, not only because he can always stand up at the crucial moment, and in the last round match of the North Zealand precisely Montenegrins came off the bench to help the old woman to tie the game, only to keep their undefeated on the road. Vucinic in the last week with the Inter national derby in calf strain halftime replace Bendtner end, we can see that the people of Montenegro injury is not light to resume training Monday, did not see the Vucinic's shadow. Juventus striker able to play to be a doubt? Montenegrins not play Juventus likely will choose the Giovinco partner the Turner Matri starter, and the recent state of the three men are very general. Aspect Three: lane operations vigilant rotation encounter 1-3 in Serie 11 with Inter Milan's game, Rome is the strongest attack team; among the top five leagues in Europe, Rome super attack is also squeezed into Cheap Barcelona Shirts the European top five position.
Lost 49 league unbeaten record was the end by a certain influence on the morale of the old lady, plus continuous battle weary, the Bianconeri the situation of the whole team and not really good. Asamoah too much is consumed in the match with Inter Milan, Detcherry column is likely to replace him playing to the rotation Midfield Bo Geba likely played replace the poor performance in last weekend Marchisio, right guard aspects, Caceres is likely to replace Lichtsteiner played. The the Bianconeri after losing to Inter Milan in the Serie A standings lead only one minute, the league also can not give up, for the old woman, the pressure of the two-lane operations really come. Probable Lineups: Juventus (352): 1 - Buffon / 15 - Barzagli, 19 - Bonucci, 3 - Chiellini / 4 - Caceres, 6 - Bo Geba, 21 - Pierre Luo, 8 - Marchisio, 11 - De Qieli / 12 - Giovinco, 32 - Matri in Serie A, Rome attack the strongest team; super attack among the top five leagues in Europe, Rome a is also squeezed into the top five position in Europe. After the end of the 11 Serie Rome 4-1 victory over Palermo game, the red wolf in the current Serie A goals have tied Juventus, the two teams have scored 23 goals. Although both teams scored Manchester United Shirts the same number, but apparently the Roman attack stronger, because Rome has played only 10 league games (not the game) and Cagliari, field goals reached 2.3 Juventus after 11 games, averaging Goals 2.1, Roman field goals than Juve 0.2. In this way, both goals and scoring efficiency, Rome in Serie living in the first place. Look at the top five leagues in Europe, Rome's goals and scoring rate is also able to squeeze into the top five positions. The data show that, in the Premier League, Manchester United the most goals, 10 games, 26 goals. The Chelsea ranks second, 11 games into 22 balls. Field goals, Manchester United, averaging 2.6 the Chelsea and 2.0; La Liga side, Real Madrid and Barcelona in 10 games, respectively, scored 32 and 25 goals, the two teams scoring goals number 3.2 and 2.5; Bundesliga teams, Bayern 10 games into the 30 goals, averaging 3.0 goals; French club Valenciennes goals in 11 games 23 goals, scoring goals number of 2.1. Through the comparison of the above data can be found on the goals, Rome is now tied at five in five major league teams in Europe. And the presence of both the number of goals, Rome was able to live alone in five of five major league teams in Europe. Roman attack power so amazing, in fact reasonable expectation of things this season coached Rome is known as the "offensive guru" reputation Zeman. Zeman's team has always been based on the famous end of the game, from the start of the race, his team only follow a philosophy that is "offensive attack, the offensive" crazy attack. Zeman led Rome's offensive potential has been developed to the extreme, the the Roman attack force able to squeeze into the top five after the super teams such as Real Madrid and Barcelona in Europe reasons. But compared to the sharp attack, Roman defense has not done very bad, 10 games total lost 20 balls, Serie lose the ball more than two teams, only lost 21 balls Chievo at least 1 ball. Roman field clean sheet number is reached 2.0, the Serie A averaging clean sheet number up to the team. This situation is reasonable, within the expected thing, because Zeman coached team is a major characteristic is the sharp attack, defense pulpy goals is always proportional to the number of goals conceded. , Rome can keep Zeman team the sharp attack qualities premise able to make their defense more solid, so not only in the Serie A, and perhaps in the whole of Europe that they can create a great achievement. Because of the very young Rome is still in its formative years, so people have reason to be confident in Rome, this. With Cheap Monster Beats Kobe Bryant home 4-1 loud, Rome succeeded in breaking the so-called "curse" November 4, the last time in Rome in November 4th win or 50 years ago. Italy local time at 20:45 on November 4th, at the Olympic Stadium ushered in a game with Palermo. Before the game, the Italian media lists a very interesting data that is in Serie A history of Rome in the November 4 game has been 50 years did not win day, this day is also known as Roman team in the history of the "November 4 curse. The field before the game with Palermo, Rome, in this day in the Nov. 4 total hit eight Serie A, and field Serie B game, 8 Serie achieved 3 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss record in Rome since the 1962-63 season, Rome Serie 9 home 3-1 victory over Bologna, the red wolf in the day game is already 50 years failed to win. Since then, Rome on November 4 curse in. However, today, 50 years later, this curse seems to lose the magic of the opening game with Palermo, Rome just minutes into the leading ball by Totti, followed by Austria in 30 minutes time and Svalbard multi-court rewrite the score 2-0. Course ,2-0 score does not mean that Rome will be able to win this season in Rome not kick leading ball Zeman led them Cheap Dr Dre Beats Spider-Man has been more than twice in a 2-0 lead in the case Lianban 3 opponents ball reversal. However, perhaps because The Roman coach Zeman draw the lessons of the first few races, after leading Rome also pay special attention to the work of the defense last time and did not let Palermo get scoring opportunities. In the second half of the game, Rome has by Lamela and Desterro, scoring at The score becomes 4-0, Rome is already locked up the game to seal the victory, Palermo just by Queen Milicic before the end of the game to break into a ball to save face. Eventually, after the end of the whole match, Rome successfully to a victory to break the "curse" November 4, with this victory, Rome was able to have a calm state of mind to go for a week will be coming "Rome derby "preparation. Rome Derby "what it means not to speak of Totti and his team will fight in the game, make every effort, in the over-the-counter, fans of the two teams are ahead of start of preparing for, first Roman fans own one pair of Totti's hymn, followed by Lazio fans also created an improved version of "Jiangnan Style irony of their sworn enemy banner, the smoke before the war has kindled in advance. Attached to the Nov. 4 game in Rome.

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