Communities throughout the U.S. are struggling to maintain their identity and viability. LocalBlox CEO and founder, Sabira Arefin, announced that the firm has released new social media & mobile tools to help local neighborhoods build strong communities online and offline.

"Strong neighborhoods are essential, especially is smaller communities," Arefin. "LocalBlox offers a variety of social media & Mobile Advertising Solutions to help neighbors connect with one another communicate and advocate for their communities. LocalBlox ambassadors work tirelessly to make their neighborhoods better places to live."

LocalBlox utilizes social media and local neighborhood community pages to aid members in keeping informed of issues and concerns that directly affect area residents. To help neighbors stay safe in a world that‘˜s becoming increasingly dangerous, LocalBlox launched the Neighborhood app for the iPhone that identifies unsafe areas for users.

Neighborhood wall and community bulletins are provided, enabling users to report any suspicious activity that‘˜s observed. In many communities, roaming packs of dogs and encroaching wildlife are presenting communities with new health and safety issues. LocalBlox users can keep their neighbors informed of any situation that might pose a potential threat.

In a busy society, it‘˜s often difficult for individuals to know their neighbors, even the family that lives next to them. LocalBlox users have the tools to plan and arrange everything from play dates and festivals to lavish cultural and black tie events. Volunteers can be recruited and organizers can keep their neighbors informed of times, dates and gatherings.

Neighborhoods that thrive and grow are those where businesses have strong ties to the local communities and a commitment to local consumers. LocalBlox provides an extensive array of high-tech social media and mobile tools and local business services to assist companies generate leads for new customers and retain the patronage of established clients. SoLoMo for LocalBlox, free ads, banner ads and an extensive free local directory listing all work to promote neighborhood businesses, their products and services. Neighbors can easily find local business networking and read reviews from others in the neighborhood who have shopped with a specific neighborhood business.

LocalBlox is working to build strong, independent communities of neighbors that work toward the common good. Providing apps, community forums,Local social networking and integrated social and mobile networking are just some of the many ways local neighborhood ambassadors are working to build strong communities and insure the public good. The firm provides high-tech tools to help businesses prosper and neighbors connect. Financially stable communities and interconnected neighbors are essential for neighborhoods to remain safe. LocalBlox is dedicated to the accomplishment of that goal.

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