LocalBlox Seattle, WA Aug. 28, 2012 Labor Day is a time to pause, reflect and honor the contributions and achievements of the American workers. LocalBlox is dedicated to assisting its users build strong neighborhoods, and the firm‘˜s founder, Sabira Arefin, has reaffirmed her company‘˜s commitment to its thousands of neighborhoods throughout the U.S.

à¢â‚¬Å“Labor Day is especially meaningful this year, with so many people out of work,à¢â‚¬ said Arefin. à¢â‚¬Å“We at LocalBlox salute American workers and their many contributions to our way of life.à¢â‚¬

Since its inception as a national holiday in 1894, celebrations, parades and special events have paid homage to the work ethic and sacrifices of American workers. LocalBlox is assisting neighborhoods across the nation plan community events for Labor Day, maintain the safety of its members and working to provide high-tech business tools for entrepreneurs.

LocalBlox encompasses two different and distinct aspects. The firm provides a community-based social network platform for neighbors to communicate, share information and promote neighborhood safety and awareness. The firm‘˜s other aspect delivers services such as SoLoMo for SmallBiz, mobile marketing, SMS marketing and free ads online for business owners and entrepreneurs. Apps, a comprehensive business directory, built-in SEO and mobile messaging are just some of the ways that LocalBlox is working to celebrate, elevate and promote business through local business listings in the U.S.

The holiday was instituted by President Grover Cleveland after the military and U.S. Marshals killed workers during the Pullman Strike that pitted labor unions against railroads. Held on the first Monday of September, the holiday is dedicated to the working class. In modern times, it‘˜s come to mark the unofficial end of summer, a return to school and an opportunity to experience one last fling of the season.

Labor Day activities were clearly outlined when the holiday was signed into law. Parades were the order of the day, followed by a community wide festival and day of rest for workers and their families. That pattern holds true today, as LocalBlox community members use the platform to plan picnics, parades and public local events and local community services that honor the country‘˜s laborers.

LocalBlox serves over 60,000 neighborhoods across the U.S., providing high-tech tools for Local community events and businesses and celebrating workers in all fields of endeavor that have helped to create financially stable communities and neighborhoods that are desirable places to live, play and work. Labor Day is a time for celebrating the contributions of American workers and LocalBlox supports the achievements of workers throughout the nation.

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