With furious comeback enthusiasm, Manchester City eventually could not at home to win the life-saving 3. Although from the theoretical point of view, Manchester City has not yet completely lost promotion hopes, but everyone knows that Blue Moon has been pushed to the edge of the cliff. The past four years, Abu Dhabi consortium for Manchester City a total investment of over one billion pounds, but is likely even kick the Champions League knockout opportunity can not be exchanged, so embarrassing, can be imagined. To tie the game at 0-2, Manchester City, whatever the outcome, did not completely lose dignity. In their own home, Manchester City has 19 games in a row the war in Europe unbeaten, and they lose at home the last war in Europe, it is precisely the "outbreak" at the beginning of the 2008-09 season. That year's European Cup qualifying, Manchester City at home 0-1 upset loss to the Danish team Midland. Since then, Manchester City has never been at home in Europe, the fall. Just this undefeated 2012-13 Football Shirt in front of the final results also seem meaningless. After all, the past four seasons, Manchester City has never in Europe to achieve decent results. Even the Mancini help the team sweep the FA Cup and Premier League Laureate, also can not change the dilemma of the war in Europe in the doldrums. Last season, Manchester City became the fifth team in Champions League history, also the team out of the team to get 10 points, and now, they do not even have this score can not get the. Home draw against Ajax, Manchester City 4, the accumulation of only 2 points back seat chatter in the group. From the current situation, the Manchester City only two-game winning streak to win the chance of survival, but even so, but also to look at the others face. The next round of the Champions League, Manchester City sits at home against Real Madrid, the only win in order to guarantee not to be eliminated in advance. But even if they succeed to win the AC Milan Shirts next game, Manchester City needed the last round away Sipin Dortmund ... but, perhaps, when the Bundesliga champions has been ahead of the group stage, Real Madrid side only need to beat Ajax will be able to ensure a places. There were eight teams in Champions League history, after the group stage of the first three rounds only get 1 or 0, has successfully reversed the cut after three rounds of competition, including three from England, including the former Newcastle and Arsenal. Manchester City, can become the first nine lucky team? Is not optimistic. After the match, Mancini rushed stadium roaring vent front when the referee has to show his despair and helplessness. Almost exactly 20 years ago, a player Mancini in the Champions League final, Barcelona, ??Cruyff beat. Then he vowed after the game, be sure to comeback in the Champions League final. Time flies so far, Mancini from Pianpianshaonian the Mesozoic coach becomes full head of silver hair, but has never been able to realize their dreams. Coincidentally, this play Cheap A. INIESTA Barcelona Home Shirt a stumbling block, and it is also has close ties with Cruyff Ajax. On November 7, the end of the 4th round of the group stage of the 12/13 season Champions League Group D, Real Madrid 2-2 in Dortmund, Manchester City 2-2 Ajax. The reorganization standings and team points difference does not change, Dortmund eight points, Real Madrid 7 points, 4 points, Ajax, Manchester City 2 points, theoretically four teams qualifying Jieyou may. The fourth round of a focus on events of the 2012-13 season in the Champions League group match of the Group D started at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, Real Madrid vs. visiting Bundesliga defending champion Borussia Dortmund. Royce volley shot burst for the visiting team a head start, Pepe subsequent header to help Real Madrid to pull the score 1-1, Arbeloa own goal then led the team behind again. Ozil help Real Madrid before the whistle in the match, Real Madrid finally shake hands with Dott 2-2 home. The current round of Harding Park, Real Madrid seven points is Cheap Monster Beats By Dre Mixr still ranked No. 2 in the group, Dortmund eight points from the first qualifying group situation best is still the leader in Dortmund Ozil before the whistle scored a free kick for Germany team suspended ahead of qualifying, but they have to do in the last two rounds to beat Manchester City or Ajax which any team can win their. If the last two Dortmund victory, natural group, otherwise need to look at the last two game results. The current round of Real Madrid got a very key points, so that they continue 3 points ahead of Ajax, they qualify the situation is not bad, the last two rounds to beat any team in which Ajax or Manchester City, will be able to access to qualify. If it is to compete to top the group, not only victory, but also the Dortmund whether to drop points. The current round of Ajax 2-0 lead opponents 2-2 draw, making them once good the qualifying situation becomes a lot of pressure, it may win their Cheap Beats By Dre last two they must beat Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. Which there may with Real Madrid integral, while the second round of Ajax at home 1-4 loss to Real Madrid is very unfavorable. Champions League, AC Milan 1-1 Malaga; dominated the Rossoneri offensive, but was extremely unlikely that score; offensive inefficiency led the team less than Jiugong a draw, and eventually could do nothing but harvest. Champions League four AC Milan home in a ball Xiandiu, and the final 1-1 Malaga. Offensive efficiency is not high, the Milan game offensive superiority but failed to win the competition reasons; first half Malaga 3 shots in exchange for a goal, while Milan on 19 shots in the second half before break horse The ECLAC goal. Milan created scoring chances in the game far more than Malaga, the first half Milan seven scoring chances, but unfortunately only kick shot is the goal range; Malaga shots at the goal, although only three times, but twice shot goal range, and made a goal, showing a very high efficiency. ### Cheap Barcelona Shirts cheapsale0007 ###

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