(Persbericht) The importance of having online presence through attractive websites to capture your visitor‘˜s attention inciting him to browse your website to create interest in your products cannot be underestimated. Design is an essential element for small businesses with limited time as well as budget to attract and convert visitors into potential customers.

However, world of web design has witnessed lot of changes during the past months of 2010 and it has really become difficult for small businesses to catch up with the latest web design trends due to the cost factor of redesigning the websites and also the need of making the website accessible to increasing number of users. But there is no need to get disheartened as small businesses can incorporate some great trends of web design of 2010 into 2011 making their online stores accessible to vast range of customers and most important trend to watch out is to make your website friendly to small screens i.e. mobile devices.

United Nations has estimated the growth of mobile phone subscribers including smart phones in developed countries and mobile services in developing countries to hit 5 billion in 2010.

This growing use of the mobile devices has made imperative to make your websites compatible to small screens as it has refined the way in which the users access the internet and interact with the content. Having a website mobile compatible not only helps to load the site faster but also formats the content better making it to easier to access and understand.
Another factor to be considered to make your website small screen friendly is not to use Flash in the website as Flash cannot be accessed on most of the mobile devices. Even if it is claimed that mobiles do support Flash won‘˜t be able to support each element reliably. It won‘˜t be worse than anything if visitor on your website from mobile phone cannot access the list of products and services or contact information or information of location just because the content or navigation was built in Flash.

Therefore the only way to improve the effectiveness of your website especially small businesses is to make the experience of the visitor fast and pleasant by making mobile compatible websites. You can rely upon Creative Creations for making your websites small screen user friendly as their team is highly experienced and well versed with these latest technologies.

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