In October, 2008 Sabine Palinckx and Sandra Betel-McLean launched The Brain Wizard, a website containing comprehensive information about the brain and training exercises to increase mental capacity, like memory, processing speed and focused attention. The two Dutch women have developed a program that develops the brain on multiple levels, combining the latest news from the world of neuroscience with brain training games designed to enhance specific aspects of the brain.

à¢â‚¬à…“It has become evident that the brain is a highly adjustable and changeable organ, says Palinckx. At the same time, a commonly cited statistic suggests that most of us use only ten percent of what´s available to us. The purpose of the site is to facilitate people in using their brains to their greatest potential. à¢â‚¬à…“We wanted to make knowledge available to empower people, says Betel.

The Brain Wizard is unique in its approach to both information and training. Unlike related sites that are either aimed at children or written in scientific jargon, the language is clear and easy to understand. à¢â‚¬à…“We wanted to create an environment that is accessible for everyone, says Betel.

The training exercises are also unlimited, meaning that users will never reach a point beyond which they can go no higher. à¢â‚¬à…“The modules will keep expanding, so people will establish the roof of their performance themselves, rather than the program establishing it, Palinckx explains. A collaboration with iMusic means that every training module will be accompanied by its own à¢â‚¬à…“brain music music specifically designed to enhance the aspect of the brain that is being trained.

Palinckx sees many potential applications of the site, for everyone from elementary school children to the elderly. à¢â‚¬à…“Elderly people might be helped a lot by training their brain and making sure they don´t keep doing the same thing over and over again but actually have a diversity of things to do, she says. à¢â‚¬à…“The fact that they´re using it means they´re not losing it.

While both Betel and Palinckx trained in engineering rather than neuroscience, they see that as an advantage. à¢â‚¬à…“We never got specialized, so we´re able to see the information from the layman´s perspective, says Betel. The two women have been friends for twenty years, and have long shared an interest in both neuroscience and human potential. Palinckx, a Vice President at SAP, a German I.T. company, is currently nominated as both Businesswoman of the Year and CEO of the Year in the Netherlands. After working as a consultant for Multi-Level Travel, a Dutch company that specialized in developing teambuilding exercises for companies and corporations, Betel began her own company, Magic Meeting, before moving to the United States. The pair spent fourteen months on research and development before launching the Brain Wizard.

Palinckx says the potential audience for this site is à¢â‚¬à…“anyone who is interested in keeping their brain healthy and young and is interested in increasing its power and capacity. For more information, visit