The next movement on the preacher's part was for the collar button, and with one sweep of his arm off came the tow linen shirt. The congregation sat for an instant as if dazed at length one old lady in the rear part of the room rose up, and, glancing at the excited object in the pulpit, shouted at the top of her voice "If you represent Christ, then I'm done with the Bible." HIS KNOWLEDGE OF HUMAN NATURE. Once, when Lincoln was pleading a case, the opposing lawyer had all the advantage of the law the weather was warm, and his opponent, as was admissible in frontier courts, pulled off his coat and vest as he grew warm in the argument.

At that time, shirts with buttons behind were unusual. Lincoln took in the situation at once. Knowing the prejudices of the primitive people against pretension of all sorts, or any affectation of superior social rank, arising, he said "Gentlemen of the jury, having justice on my side, I don't think you will be at all influenced by the gentleman's pretended knowledge of the law, when you see he does not even know which side of his shirt should be tiffany and co outlet in front.

" There was a general laugh, and Lincoln's case was jewelry MISCHIEVOUS OX. President Lincoln once told the following story of Colonel W., who had been elected to the Legislature, and had also been judge of the County Court. His elevation, however, had made him somewhat pompous, and he became very tiffany rings fond of using big words. On his farm he had a very large and mischievous ox, called "tiffany & co oultet Big Brindle," which very frequently broke down his neighbors' fences,tiffany outlet and committed other depredations, much to tiffany necklaces the Colonel's annoyance. One morning after breakfast, in the presence of Lincoln, who had stayed with him over night, and who was on his way to town, he called his overseer and said to him "Mr. Allen, I desire you to impound 'Big Brindle,' in order that I may hear no animadversions on his eternal depredations." Allen bowed and walked off, sorely puzzled to know what the Colonel wanted him to do. After Colonel W. sdfhsdfgdfgdfytert