Rotterdam, 07-02-2005 -

Op dit moment is de website offline, door toedoen van een
groep politiek gemotiveerde hackers die een opensource project willen
misbruiken, dit is te lezen op de website:, de officiele
website van het populaire open source forum software.

Onlangs was dit project ook al in het nieuws door een beveiligingslek in de software, waarbij de Santy Worm de hoofdrol speelde.

Zie ook dit artikel:  Webservers hebben nog steeds last van de Santy Worm

Ik zal deze gelegenheid aanpakken om aan te merken dat volgens de
momenteel beschikbare informatie deze hack niet aan phpBB zelf ligt
(phpBB is de officiele naam van de forum software). Andere sites zijn
ook onder vuur genomen op het zelfde moment als dat van
De beheerders van de website vragen de gebruikers van de software niet
om updates te vragen omdat op dit moment niet bekend is of er sprake is
van een lek in de software. Men is nog volop bezig te onderzoeken wat
er precies is gebeurd. Aldus de beheerders van de website.

De tekst wat te lezen is op
Last updated: 7th February 2005, 15:50 GMT

At present is offline due to a group of politically
motivated hackers wishing to use an opensource project to push their
agenda ... shame on them.

I will take this opportunity to note that given currently available
information this hacking episode does not appear to be due to phpBB
itself. Instead a third party application looks to have been the
problem. Other sites were attacked at the same time as by
the same group displaying the same information and in these cases the
same third party application has been suggested as the common factor
(thus far). Equally we are not aware of any other phpBB boards being
attacked and we have not been notified of any valid security issues
recently. Obviously we will have more details when we've reviewed just
what happened.

Please do not ask us for updates as to the situation, it's cause, etc.
We are not holding anything back, we simply cannot comment at this time
without having further information ourselves. Just as soon as we have a
clearer picture, which depending on the condition of our server may be
impossible to obtain, we will update the community. At present our
#phpbb support channel is being swamped with "What happened? Any news?"
style questions which are making it extremely difficult to support
users with real issues.

We are working to recover the server. At best we may be back online
Tuesday 8th February but more likely later that week. Meanwhile users
can visit our development board, where they can
receive support for phpBB 2.0.x. Of course you can also view the next
version of phpBB, 3.0 "Olympus" in the process (minus the new style of

We are also maintaining our IRC support channel, #phpbb on the network

We apologise for any problems this may cause our userbase. We obviously
take the huge support our community gives phpBB very seriously. And we
will do our best to return to "normal operations" just as soon as we

psoTFX - phpBB Group