ThePCATTake our PCAT practice tests to ensure success at the official PCAT test. The Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) has been made mandatory by an overwhelming majority of AACP institutions for students seeking admission to pharmacy degree programs.

The PCAT test is an exam that has been classified as a ´thinking exam‘˜ and seeks to examine the student skills in subjects such as mathematics, scientific knowledge and verbal skills. Consisting of two writing topics and 240 multiple-choice questions spread over six separate sections, the PCAT test takes over four hours to complete.

From July 2011, the PCAT tests will be offered exclusively on the computer. By taking our PCAT prep tests, you familiarize yourself with the questions and how best to answer them within the give time frame of four hours.

Our PCAT practice test have been carefully formulated taking into account questions asked in previous official PCAT tests. We have studied the pattern of the PCAT test over the years as well as the direction it has been taking. Based on our finding, our expert committee has carefully planned and created a series of PCAT prep tests that could best ensure the candidates success in the real PCAT test.

Since our PCAT practice tests too are computer based and mimic the graphic user interface used in the real PCAT test, you will hardly notice any difference when you take the real PCAT tests.

For example:

Test of writing skills
You need to complete two essays; one at the beginning of the PCAT exam, and one after the 2-hour break. You are given 30 minutes to complete the essays and shall receive no assistance by way of spell checks or grammar checks. You have to respond to a single prompt. Your response will test your problem solving skills as well as your knowledge of language conventions. It is therefore imperative that you practice using an identical test format and our PCAT practice test does just that.

Verbal Ability

The PCAT verbal ability section will seek to test your skills in the English language. This section usually has 48 multiple-choice questions 8 of which will present you with experimental problems and 40 questions are scored items. You have to complete this section in 30 minutes.

Again, only real PCAT practice can make the task easy and our PCAT prep tests do just that.

Quantitative Ability

This section of the PCAT is a test of mathematics of the kind required in Pharmacy College. Subjects include Algebra (20%), Basic Math (15%), Statistics and Probability (20%), Calculus (22%) and Pre-Calculus (22%).

Students who attend the PCAT tests assuming that this would be a relatively easy section are often surprised that what it can throw up. Don‘˜t be! Our PCAT practice tests ensure that you are not surprised by anything. Our whole approach is to ensure that any surprises the candidate faces, should be during our PCAT test prep and not when taking the official PCAT test. Therefore, practicing for the PCAT test definitely makes sense and when it comes to PCAT practice tests, there‘˜s none better than us. Take our PCAT software today it is your surest path to success at the PCAT test.

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