(Persbericht) December 7th 2011 was the official presentation of the new lighting plan (specifically the town hall and the statue of Ambiorix) of Tongeren Market in Belgium. This lighting plan is partly created by the Vincent LEDline from Led a la Carte.

With the redevelopment of the ´Grote Markt‘˜ and its surrounding the Tongenaar (resident of Tongeren) was asked to participate in what will be ' the most beautiful square of the region '. The ´Grote Market‘˜ is after all the market for all inhabitants.

Last year a light council was installed. Together with the members of this light council a unique and atmospheric lighting plan was developed. This lighting plan was presented yesterday by mayor Patrick Dewael and a member of the local council.

In this lighting plan a combination of cool white and warm white Vincent LEDlines is used.