Problems With Moths And Silverfish?

Moths can be a real problem and need to be dealt with quickly if you don??t want to have to Custom iPhone 4 Case throw away expensive fabrics, clothes and spend money on new carpets. Clothes moths or carpet moths can cause lots of damage ?? just think of all the fabric contained within your house and how much it would cost to replace it all if the problem isn??t dealt with quickly enough.

The carpet moth can be identified by google their forewing which is black and white with some black or gray spots, and its white head. It is the actual larva that causes the problems for you however as it creates a silk tube as it munches its way through your carpet.

The presence of clothes moths will be evident by the holes left in your clothes. Whilst the moths are small and grey/brown in colour with Designer iPhone 4 Cases silvery wings they also leave the damage to the caterpillars who chew their way through anything from wool, fur and leather, to felt, silk, cotton and synthetic materials. You will generally find the moths hidden away in drawers and cupboards, or chilling out in corners and crevices with their wings folded up.

To start with you should empty out and thoroughly clean all your cupboards and drawers, vacuum in the corners and at the base of the cupboard. When you have finished it??s best to empty or change the bag as it is possible they could live inside the bag for some time. Keeping the area well vacuumed will prevent the accumulation of eggs and should be repeated at regular intervals to ensure the problem yahoo doesn??t return. If you have expensive or winter clothes stored away in the attic or in boxes and find moths in them, then get them dry cleaned to destroy the moth larvae and their eggs.

Fabrics, clothes or Cool iPhone 4 Cases rugs of any value stored away can be protected from moths and any other pests by keeping them in airtight boxes or plastic bags made specifically for this purpose. Placing moth deterrents in the boxes will also help to protect fabrics. To try and prevent moths from getting into your cupboards and drawers, a natural alternative to strong-smelling moth balls is to add sachets of lavender where your clothes are kept.

Silverfish are another household pest that can be a nuisance, silver-grey in colour, they can be Custom iPhone 5 Cases identified by their tapering bodies and long antennae. They favor dark moist places so you will generally find them in kitchens and bathrooms, festering underneath your sink basin, spotted around the bathtub or in pantries. Generally silverfish are only found in places that are not particularly clean, or suffer from mould or damp.

You can deter silverfish by keeping these areas clean and aired, open the windows as much as possible to air the room and let condensation out. Dry up any spilled water immediately and vacuum as much as possible, preferably every day. Seal cracks and gaps around pipes and fittings with silicon sealant as these dark moist places are where they like to hide.

Insecticide powder can be spread around the edges of carpets, under skirtings and under the base of the sink unit and acts as an effective barrier once damp conditions are removed.

Silverfish poisons and other pest control products can be found at speicalist DIY websites and stores. Whilst pesticides can be used to get rid of moths and other pests, you must be very careful to check the product is suitable for the kind of pest you have in your house, read the Unique iPhone 4 Cases guidelines carefully as they can be poisonous to children and pets and follow the instructions on the container. After use, store container and contents away from children and always dispose of any empty containers safely.