50 years ago, three Italian ski manufacturers, ski champion and ski instructor because the common love of natural, outdoor living and skiing have forged a profound friendship. They design a mountaineering expedition polar ski down jacket, the bold use of color, design novel, so Piumini Moncler down jacket blockbuster. In 1952, Ramillon and Vincent bought one located Monestierde Clermont, and 30 km from Grenoble town factory, 1 April of the same year, they established a MonclerS.A. Companies.

Founded early part of the camping tent moncler online outlet production as a model of the high-altitude camping booked, also produced sleeping bags and DengShanFu. Special when they produce a waterproof nylon and cotton inside the tent of innovative materials, and this tent can sit automatically open, only a few kilograms of weight, which can sleep three people. Moncler in 1954 was selected as the equipment of the Italian expedition of ancient ruins of the Mongol Empire. In 1955 they supply the French expedition to Makale.With the development of science and technology, the cable car. Skiing tradition was completely changed. Must skiers slide down before foot climb to the mountains, such activities is that they will not feel cold. Tram emergence of hand, exposing them to cold under. Man-made waterproof fabric at the time of use does not ensure the adequacy of the heat, while the prices of duck down fill can not be a lot of quota. So Ramillon started experimenting with some of the columns of artificial materials as a substitute. He chose a new polyester fiber, called Tergal, Ramillon filled nylon products with this material. In 1957, in order to prevent the product filler in short supply and improve labor efficiency, the company has more raw materials moved to Grenoble. Moncler in 1964 by the promoters Terray set up branch offices in Alaska.

Safe and reliable Mincler raw material understanding of the world. In the economic boom of the sixties they also donated a number of sporting events. The company also adjusted with changes in the products and current affairs, for large groups, not only for the movement.1999 Moncler build more power brought by RemoRuffini as creative director of the first show - 2000 spring series. He also established in 2000 the brand a specific sport new boutique tweed series. Into the real formal occasions, it entered the track, will be an exquisite beautiful down jacket in front of people, today, in the Down industry, Moncler Jackets For Men can be said to be worthy of the king. dfgd56fgdfgdfg8

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