London, March 3, 2009 - The services of Spryng are now available online for clients in the UK.

Spryng UK makes it possible to purchase and utilize the mobile products Spryng is specialized in.

Spryng is a provider of mobile telecommunication products for the business user, although private use is also possible. The basis of these products lies in SMS messages, an accessible and highly effective communication medium that suits a wide range of applications. These products can be used online with the interface Spryng provides on, or you can decide to integrate the SMS gateway into your own systems. Thereby creating an automated custom SMS service for a large variety of purposes.

Most products, including the SMS gateway, are offered with no setup- or licensefee. The basic product range consists of SMS gateway (bulk SMS, webbased SMS, HTTP API SMS), SMS wholesale (worldwide), SMS marketing, Incoming SMS (Virtual Mobile Number), and bespoke services.
These products are setup flexibly to cater to the vast array of applications.

Thanks to Spryng´s global experience and contacts, quality and high level of service are the main criteria at low cost. Spryng also offers its products globally through and locally on and already has several users in the UK who are happy and frequent clients.

For more information about the services Spryng provide you can visit or please feel free to contact Spryng.