Enhanced Features of Talend Integration Suite and Talend Open Studio Improve Interoperability and Lower Costs Across an Organisation

Talend, the recognised market leader in open source data integration software, today announced the availability of version 3.1 of its flagship data integration solutions, Talend Open Studio and Talend Integration Suite. With a wealth of new and extended features for enterprise projects, the latest release offers a deep integration into the information system, enabling organisations across various industries to streamline the development and deployment of mission-critical data integration processes cost-effectively while reducing time-to-market.

Key new features in the latest version of Talend´s solutions include new monitoring and scheduling capabilities, enhanced business modeling and broader connectivity to legacy systems and business applications. Version 3.1 is highly focused on interoperability with the rest of the information system, extending the versatility of the solution and its reach across an organisation. In addition, this new release also offers a localised user interface in numerous languages.

à¢â‚¬à…“The needs of our customers and community users are always top of mind at Talend and a key factor in our product development, said Fabrice Bonan, co-founder and COO of Talend. à¢â‚¬à…“This latest version brings a higher level of interoperability, making it more versatile for all enterprise projects and allowing its users to decrease their overall data integration costs. In addition to the scalability and superior performance of Talend´s solution, our open source approach allows us to leverage the contributions of our community. The availability of the industry´s first localised user interface through community-contributed language packs is a prime example of the power and flexibility of open source.

Talend version 3.1 offers the following features and benefits:

Enterprise Monitoring with Nagios - Version 3.1 now fully integrates with Nagios, the industry standard platform for enterprise-class system, network and application monitoring. This new feature improves monitoring and management of data integration projects and processes, providing a centralised monitoring, reporting and alerting console for IT operations and project managers. As a result, development teams can spend less time manually and individually tracking errors, system failures and throughput performance. Also, since the monitoring of data integration can easily be integrated with the overall IT operations function, it provides a more timely and responsive escalation process when a failure occurs, reducing costly downtimes and ensuring the freshness of data.

Execution Planning & Dashboard - Version 3.1 features the new Task Execution Dashboard. Fully integrated to Talend Integration Suite's Web 2.0 administration and scheduling console, the Task Execution Dashboard provides at-a-glance visibility on all data integration processes past runs and future scheduled executions. It allows IT departments to get real-time execution and performance information on their data integration processes, and to better optimise the use of IT resources.

Legacy Systems and Business Applications Integration - Version 3.1 provides extended connectivity to a number of legacy systems and technologies, including support for complex flat files (multi-schema files), COBOL Copybooks and EBCDIC files, including Computations, as well as business applications such as Alfresco, Salesforce.com, SPSS, SAS and Intuit´s QuickBooks. This extended connectivity provides organisations with a single tool to streamline processes across departments and increase productivity. With over 400 connectors to sources and targets, Talend provides the broadest set of connectors to enterprise systems.
New, Redesigned Business Modeler - For business users, version 3.1 features a redesigned Business Modeler that enables non-technical users to create workflow-type representations of the data integration processes. The Business Modeler streamlines communications between the business user and development teams, reducing the time organisations have to spend defining requirements and modeling new projects and giving the business user much-needed insight into the development process.

Community-contributed language packs - Four months after launching Talend Babili, the first community translation project for open source data integration, Talend introduces nine language packs for localisation of the user interface. Version 3.1 is the only data integration solution to include such language packs, providing a localized user experience for designers and developers and extending Talend´s reach in the global market.

Talend Open Studio and Talend Integration Suite 3.1 are available immediately. Talend Open Studio is provided under the GPL license and can be downloaded at no charge at http://www.talend.com/download.php. Talend Integration Suite is provided under a subscription license. Fully translated language packs for version 3.1 are available in French, German, Italian and Chinese. Partial packs are available in Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean, with further translation work in progress. For more information, please visit http://www.talend.com.

Talend Open Studio has more than four million lifetime downloads and 900,000 core product downloads. Along with enterprise-version Talend Integration Suite, it is a less expensive and more scalable open source alternative to proprietary data integration solutions that require costly initial investment and rely heavily on IT resources for maintenance and upgrades. Talend Integration Suite is an enterprise-grade, high-performance data integration offering that extends the functionality of Talend Open Studio, with technical support and additional features for collaboration and deployment in large enterprise settings.

About Talend
Talend is the recognised market leader in open source data integration. More than 500 paying customers around the globe, including Yahoo!, Virgin Mobile, Sony and Swiss Life, use the Talend Integration Suite of products and services to optimise the costs of data integration, ETL and data quality. With more than four million lifetime downloads and 900,000 core product downloads, Talend´s solutions are the most widely used and deployed data integration solutions in the world. The company has major offices in North America, Europe and Asia, and a global network of technical and services partners. For more information, please visit http://www.talend.com.

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