Hangzhou, China The production and distribution of top quality graduation gowns and religious apparel have been one of the special features of Mondon Co. Ltd. As one of the top graduation gown manufacturer in the market, the company produces designs and manufactures these apparels on a wholesale level. The company specializes in the production of graduation caps, gowns, regalia, choral robes, judicial robes and other such accessories.

Graduation is a special occasion for students. The company possesses the skill and required technology to produce high quality apparel and regalia for these occasions. Currently, the units produce a million graduation gowns and relative apparel annually. The distribution of the apparel is undertaken with the help of 100 wholesalers distributed throughout the world. The company maintains focus on producing top quality designs and apparel to be distributed to vendors and institutions.

Mondon Co. Ltd. is an experienced and reputed cap gown manufacturer. Customized service is a feature that has added to the popularity of the organization. The company has an exclusive and fully equipped Research and Development team, with the ability to design and produce apparels according to specific orders. The production units churn out a million new designs annually to meet the changing tastes and preferences of the market.

Skilled professionals and experienced salespersons contribute to develop a mutually beneficial rate for vendors and the organization alike. The vast purchasing experience of the factory helps to obtain the most competitively priced materials for better quality products, and relatively lower quotes. The professionals at Mondon Co. Ltd. have contributed to the positive image of the company amidst vendors and distributors.

The company also places emphasis on a stringent Inner quality control to guarantee high standards for the products. Vendors can rest assured of having any defective orders immediately replaced through a fair exchange policy.

An experienced graduation gowns manufacturer, Mondon Co. Ltd. offers vendors the advantage of a highly proficient export service offering immediate shipping and timely delivery of each order. The company has a securely established logistical system to ensure the proper distribution of the orders to their destination. The No. 1 graduation gowns supplier in China, the company offers the best deals and the most affordable quotes for distributors across the world. These features have seen a rise in the number of wholesale distributors attaching themselves to the brand of Mondon Co. Ltd. The website http://www.mondonco.com/index.php?main_page=index offers complete information on the production services, designs and the products. Vendors would do well to ally with the company to receive the best quality graduation gowns and choral regalia.

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