The Blues win the law for Gusiwangxi bunker! Halo 3 champion does not strive

Chelsea, the first to break the 6 first broke the league before the season, Chelsea victory, but this time the the DiMatteo team only harvest 1 minute. Swansea fans should awe, within a week, even kicking Premiership champions Manchester City League Cup champion Liverpool, Chelsea, Champions League, turned out not they strive! Chelsea was too tired from the Champions League 2-1 defeat away to Shakhtar Donetsk 3-2 regret to the home league defeat to Manchester United, followed by 120 minutes Carling Cup fierce battle Red Devils team qualify DiMatteo 8 strong, but too heavy casualties, Revenge of success but it consumes too much passion. The so-called spent force, the potential can not wear Lu stripe against Swansea battle, rotation number of people, exhausted Chelsea lost past Tiejun style, 88 minutes was the Swansea tenacious equalizer. Premier League 10 Chelsea Away challenges Swansea, results of Chelsea into the new aid Moses joined the team after the first ball of the League, the first 88 minutes the home team to tie the game, tied the game at 1-1. Chelsea lost 3 points, 1 point behind Manchester United, finished the Discount Custom Football Shirt second place of the league. Reviews view from the British media after the game, Chelsea disappoint. Manchester United's win to catch up, and did not stimulate the Blues forward Chelsea seemed unexamined in the freedom of the stadium. The possession rate of 47.8%, 54.5% steals the success rate of the change to go the technical route of Chelsea, not Swansea do well. BBC Swansea in the home attack can not be called mercury spilled, but the face of sluggish Chelsea, with the Mi Qiu, Pablo de Guzmán, still be able to create a huge danger. Moses Chelsea the lead in the 60th minute goal, in accordance with the general rules of the game outcome is perhaps not 100% state of Chelsea scored three first-place position to continue sitting League. The data Statistics show this season, Chelsea have six times in the league in the first break, the Blues 100% win. 4-1 win over Norwich battle, Chelsea or reversal to win. DiMatteo team before this had seven wins, six games is to break and the last laugh, a reversal winning. However, Chelsea "Six test accurate" the win's law, New AC Milan Shirts has not been realized in a free stadium. 88 minutes Pablo beautiful goals to help Swansea to tie the game, which makes the Chelsea fans in an uproar. Cooked duck fly? This scene is familiar. Champions League against Juventus, Chelsea With Oscar scored twice in a 2-0 lead, but the old woman tenacious scored two goals to tie the game. Since the 03-04 season in the 2-2 draw with Monaco, Chelsea the first time in eight years leading 2 goals are tied. Jose Mourinho, Hiddink era of Chelsea, Jagged the will is known, but the lack of two-war soul of John Terry and Frank Lampard, Chelsea really feel less of what - Although fatigue is a good reason for the Daily Telegraph Reviews Road, Chelsea does not wronged, Swansea fans should pay tribute. Wales club to belong to a model of a small business, this summer they 5,500,000 introduction Spain midfielder Pablo - Hernandez, a club in the history of the most expensive signings, "Standard King" set for Swansea Tougong. ï¿¡ 32 million (equivalent to 39.4 million euros) Azar than 50 million Mr. Torres, 25 million of Gerard Pique Barcelona 2012-2013 Shirt the Oscar, is simply the price of cabbage. Of course, there are two million striker Mi Qiu, worth 25 times his Torres this performance and Mi Qiu than gap. The Premier League is a strange league, many of the small team will be kicked out of the beautiful football. The 10-11 season Blackpool, last season and now Swansea is also true. 11-12 season Swansea field possession rate of 58%, 60.2% in the Premiership behind Arsenal and Manchester City, 58.2%, 83.5% passing success rate is ranked first. The total number of passes behind Manchester City, ranked in the Premiership second. A lot of media have praised Swansea kick Barcelona-football. While Chelsea also want to go the road of technical football, with ability, however, Chelsea may not be strong in Swansea, here we are referring to the team overall fit and propulsion capability, Mata + Azar small range with tacit Swansea team fighting ability is quite tough. Swansea has Lien Chan Top 3: the League 103 minutes fierce battle Premiership champions Manchester ,0-1 regret losing; eliminated defending champion Liverpool in the League Cup 3-1, the game 1-1 draw with Cheap Monster Beats By Dre Maserati Champions League Chelsea. Within a week against three champion does not strive, the Swansea worth fans hat off. Chelsea a 1-1 draw with Swansea, Torres, the first 26 minutes twice a header manufacturing threat, 70 minutes after he was shot completely invisible. Count in this field, Torres has been a month, failed to score four consecutive games. The game DiMatteo replaced goal hero Situliqi Moses Torres remained inactive, but not replaced, this is clearly justified. Two consecutive season, Chelsea are at home to Swansea suffered a 1-1 draw. Torres audience played very hard, but still could not harvest goals. Mr. ï¿¡ 50 million has been four consecutive games did not score, he seems to never be brought back the old feeling to score in Liverpool is the kind of continuous. Premier League 10 Chelsea Away challenges Swansea, results of Chelsea into the new aid Moses joined the team after the first ball of the League, the first 88 minutes the home team to tie the game, tied the game at 1-1. Chelsea lost 3 points, 1 point behind Manchester United, finished the second place of the league.

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