(Persbericht) Determining the right price is a very delicate matter and one of the main drivers of the profitability of a company. Therefore, the European Pricing Platform organizes a 1-day masterclass fully committed to this topic. The training will be given by Tijs Rotmans on the 25th of November 2010.
This session allows you to understand the basic methods for determining the right price and to implement them by using supporting techniques. They provide a basis for price proposals within the organization that will generate a knowledge base and be a regular part of the pricing process. But the training goes further than the basic methods: you will acknowledge the suboptimal decision strategies of real-life customers that have a big influence on your margins!

Once the seminar is over, participants not only have a better understanding of the real-life decision process and the role that price plays in this, but are also in a position to make concrete use of these findings for their own work and/or to optimise their own price strategy.

Tijs Rotmans is currently working as Managing Partner of The Pricing Company. The mission of The Pricing Company is to help organizations to improve their business results through better pricing. Prior to teaming up The Pricing Company, Tijs occupied KPN‘˜s most interesting position: Manager Strategic Pricing, responsible for the fixed and mobile services of the Consumer Market. His education in Physics serves a good basis for quantitative aspects of these pricing tools.