Thursday 7 august some musicians arrived at the camping site to stay among the faithful fans at the camping area. ATNG set their Villa Tent up and after a short while the ATNG crib was ready for the stay. The musicians had a nice experience to be so close to all the fans for some days.

On Friday 8 august 2008, ATNG was programmed on the Joker stage. The concert was nice and sweet like always and the fans where dancing wild on the zouk and soca rhythm.

ATNG started relaxed playing some zouk-combina and the show was build up with some faster music ending with the Aruban carnival music.

On Saturday 9 august 2008, ATNG played in the Cahier Club Tent. Jaylicious presented the opening act for ATNG.

ATNG started the show with the latest Hit à¢â‚¬Å“Time to Partyà¢â‚¬ by Galloway Jr. The video clip and the song were well known by the fans the crowd sang this song together with Galloway Jr.

The Club Tent was too small for the crowd, outside of the tent fans were standing to see a bit of the show.

When the summer hit Feel the Soca was played the brave female and male fans climb on stage to dance on this song. It was a great party on STAGE, after this song all the participants received a nice ATNG gift.

Who threw the nicest gift??? During the show a female fan threw her string on stage.

ATNG had a nice time and ATNG wants to say a word of thanks to all the fans that attended this show.