subject of his poem the author seems to have had an indistinct conception. He neither dives down into the metaphysics of Hope, nor classifies its various, yet not confused, phenomena, nor attempts any systematic delineation of the sphere and objects of its agency. In connection with different states of mind, to which Cheap Michael Kors Bags the term Hope is applied in the vagueness of common parlance, he has sketched a succession of striking pictures, and poured Hermes birkin forth a succession cheap hermes bags of eloquent declamations. So we hermes birkin bags think now. The time was when we thought differently  and the reader is welcome to take whichever of our two opinions he prefers. There was hermes bags for cheap a period at which we read it with avidity, and re-read it incessantly  when its visions flitted palpably before our imagination  when its lines engraved themselves on our memory, more, perhaps, than lines in any other poem that we ever read  when its denunciations of the tyrant and the sceptic sounded in our ears, as " Heaven's commanding trumpet, long and loud, Like hermes belt Sinai's thunder pealing from the cloud!

" and we thought the " Pleasures of Hope" destined to fulfil cheap oakley holbrook its own prediction of the " Fancy's energy " oakley frogskins that should " rival all but Shakspeare's name below." Nor do we now mean, by any thing that has been said, to deny that this poem was well entitled to the popularity which it at once acquired, and which it has ever since sustained. We believe that there always will be a class of readers to sustain its popularity  although not the same class as those by whom the Gertrude will be appreciated. cheap oakley sunglasses The latter only unfolds its full beauty to introspective and reflective minds  to feelings that have been oakley sunglasses outlet tried and exercised  to hearts that know, or have known, the love which is the poetry of life in its deep and wide oakley sunglasses cheap influences.

The " Pleasures of Hope " is redolent of juvenility. It hermes bags 2012 is thoroughly a young poem  and, so far, in unison with its subject. Its antagonisms and its anticipations are boyish  its antitheses, and its exaggerations. Young hermes kelly bag fancies, which their possessors call young hearts, will always vibrate to its tones  unless in rare cases of premature logical developement. It is a poem which has its season, and in its season is a stimulus, a gladness, and a blessing. And many a ray does it dart far into after years, lingering like a sunbeam on the waters, when the glory from which it emanated has been obscured. Did generations succeed each Cheap Jerseys other by contemporaneous renewal, the popularity of the Pleasures of Hope would be like the orbit of a comet, and its perihelion could be calculated with unerring certainty.