LocalBloxLaunching a new business is never easy, à¢â‚¬Å“With a startup, you‘˜re eager to bring your product to the attention of potential buyers, but the way you do that is critical,à¢â‚¬ said Arefin, the Founder & CEO of LocalBlox. Here is the list of top five startup mistakes and how to avoid them.

Confusing customers Too much information is not always desirable, but startup founders often attempt to list every detail of their product. Instead of convincing the customer to make a purchase, all that information only serves to confuse them. Just as too many cooks spoil the soup, extensive verbiage fails to make the intended impact and can have the reverse effect.

Beat the buzzwords It‘˜s a common practice among marketing firms to create buzzwords and specialized jargon to promote everything from mobile apps to pizza. Those artificial words may look good on paper, but they mean little to the average consumer. Clarity is a virtue. If it‘˜s necessary to explain what those buzzwords mean, it‘˜s best not to use them at all.

Creative comparisons Entrepreneurs trying to make their mark on the business world should shy away from associating their business with another, no matter how famous or recognizable it is. Billing a company as the à¢â‚¬Å“eBay of organic produceà¢â‚¬ ensures prospective buyers remember the eBay name, but not the startup‘˜s. Give consumers something new, innovative and truly different.

Going viral Everyone has heard about instant success stories using local social media. While Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have their place in a comprehensive marketing strategy, business owners shouldn‘˜t rely on becoming an overnight sensation. Create a sound, creative and detailed business plan for success.

Maintain focus It‘˜s easy for a startup founder to become distracted in the excitement of launching a new business, but it‘˜s a mistake that drains energy and resources. Business owners need to ascertain their strengths and focus on being the best in their chosen field of endeavor.

LocalBlox is the premier website for businesses and individuals who desire a strong local connection with their community. LocalBlox serves over 70,000 communities throughout the U.S., with new neighborhoods being added at an amazing rate. The new economy has resulted in a shift in consumer shopping habits, with more individuals choosing to shop locally using social media & mobile. LocalBlox assists businesses in acquiring new local clients and retaining established customers, from the smallest of communities to major cities across the nation.

The firm offers a multi-faceted approach, with a business-oriented side and one developed for the individual. LocalBlox provides tools, software and services to promote its business customers and increase their visibility. For the individual, the platform offers neighbors the means to communicate, explore amenities, resources and local business listing and services, plan community events, stay informed about local news, potentially dangerous situations through neighborhood watch and stay abreast of local concerns that affect their community.

LocalBlox can be reached by phone at 888-411-8480. For more information, visit LocalBlox at http://www.localblox.com.