dollars  to Cheap Michael Kors Bags the vaccine agent, five hundred dollars  for the construction of public roads, four thousand dollars  appropriation remaining unexpended on the first of October last, for a geological survey of the state, six thousand cheap hermes bags four hundred and Cheap Michael Kors Bags two dollars  to the temporary clerk employed by the select committee on banks, two hundred and seventy dollars  for balance of salary due to judge John B. Clopton, pursuant to a judgment of Henrico and city of Richmond, affirmed by court of appeals, twenty-seven dollars and ninety-five cents  and for the furniture of the governor's house, five hundred dollars  and for the new furniture, repairs canada goose jacket and alterations of the senate chamber, two hundred and hermes kelly bag forty-two dollars and ninety-five cents. oakley sunglasses outlet Provision for do- 2. Be. it further enacted.

That so much cheap hermes bags of the public revenue, of'SreufveuTM"  and al l ot ier moneys not otherwise appropriated by law, as may be received into the public treasury, after the thirtieth hermes belt day of September next, canada goose jacket men and the surplusof all canada goose outlet other appropriations heretofore made, shall constitute a general fund, to defray such expenses authorized by law, as are not herein particularly provided for, and to defray the current and other expenses of the commonwealth, in the fiscal year hermes kelly bag which will commence on the first day of October next, and terminate on the thirtieth day of September, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine  and the auditor of public accounts is hereby authorized Cheap Jerseys and required to issue his warrants in the same manner as if the sums had been specifically mentioned, oakley frogskins subject to such exceptions, limitations oakley sunglasses hermes bags for cheap cheap and conditions, canada goose parka as the general assembly Proviw.

may prescribe by law   Provided, That nothing in this act con tained shall be so construed as to authorize hermes birkin bags the auditor Hermes birkin of public accounts to issue a warrant or warrants in satisfaction of any judgment of any court cheap oakley sunglasses of law or equity against the commonwealth, without a special appropriation by law. lot reei on .i te 3. Be it further enacted, That if the revenue of the fund for inlouns, when 1  iietern hermes bags 2012 j  iniprovement shall at any time Hermes birkin be insufficient to meet the pay paid out of lre isu- r J .

- , ,, hermes bags for cheap i if. ment of the interest charged on the fund as it shall become due upon loans obtnined for the purposes of internal improvement, under existing or future canada goose jackets sale acts of the general assembly, such hermes belt interest shall be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated   and the auditor of public accounts is hereby authorized and required, upon the receipt of hermes bags 2012 the order cheap canada goose jackets or orders hermes birkin bags of the board of public works, certifying the fact of cheap oakley holbrook such insufficiency in the funds of the said board, to issue his warrant.