At that time, IMother died, his father was taken away, my sister and I became an orphan. We go to the Nanshan Sparkle Uggsseeking mortar shells, goOn the road, the east side of a silver moon rose, the west side of a bright red sun went down, the eveningEngraved. We belly hunger desolate hearts. Autumn wind gently blowing crop leaves of the roadside brush ring, Qiuchong inGrass chirping sound bleak.My sister and I from the road is out pulling grasshopper, grasshopper stomach pulled very long. We collect hay ignite,Those dragging its belly grasshopper thrown into the fire. Grasshopper's body in the fire bent instant asked there special's Aroma bulk. Monk, I Zuieshenchong, I know that eating a spawning mother grasshopper, is equivalent toEating hundreds of little grasshopper. But if we do not eat a grasshopper, is likely to have to starve to death. This problem, I stillAlso did not want to understand.The monk glanced at me, his eyes sharp, dubiously. The Xicheng stilts that support team belongs to Hong Man House dinnerZhuang, chef hats they wore white uniforms and wearing Gaotong words printed restaurant. Monk, whichThe home Fanzhuang old, can do a complete Feast. The chef of Fanzhuang Qing Dynasty Imperial Palace Mikuriya successor handsSkills were great temperament, a large hotel with the high salary of HK $ 20,000 per month, no he poached.Every year, another wave of Japanese guests, another wave of Taiwanese guests to eat Feast. Only this time, he wasCook, weekdays, he was sitting in the stores, holding a Teapot drinking oolong tea to drink dark, the two rows of teeth.Very bad luck this stilts team, they entered the meadow, wood Rocker started for ground subsidence neat team SuddenlyBecomes seven down eight crooked.West Side stilts team echoes, Dongcheng the music Koufu ham company parade their teamWu about thirty people in the hands of everyone involved with a red string, rope, connected to a thick, redColored sausage-shaped balloon. Balloon lift, like to see those toes point, as if readyWill with the balloon liter on blue sky.I have to comply with the command of the mother for the first time to the old blue house the old blue, the sun is high noon. StreetMelting snow, autumn new paved asphalt road, mixed with a layer of filth and mire, only Na Liangdao apparentlyJust the wheels rolling over the place, revealing the black pavement. We the village paved asphalt road,Not to raise funds to the Ugg Classic Short Sparkles Womens Boots villagers, all the money is to manage the old blue one.