Beast willTo eat raw meat, in order to maintain the ferocious nature, even if it is a ferocious tiger every day to feed it with sweet potatoes, longPeriod continues, it becomes a pig. The words old blue, circulating widely in the village. Old blue added, "dogTraveled the world to eat shit, the wolf traveled the world to eat meat ", caste, stubborn, it is difficult to change.The old blue widely spread in the village.A headset with a white cap on the guy carrying food containers, from out of the east wing of the old blue houseAlmost collided with me. I think he is old white chefs Huaxi dog museum, cooking master of the dog, is dogSpecialized households Huang Biao's wife's distant relatives. Since the old white from the East Room of the room, the feast is inside; Feast held in the old blue house, the old blue impossible not to participate. I Zhuangzhuang Dan child, opened the east wingDoor.Accompanied by distraction the vinegar aroma mapping people goes can rotate the big round table in my eyesCentral copper hot pot of steaming. Several people, including the old blue around the hot pot, is eating and drinking.The all face glowing Meiko half sweat, half oil. A block of dog meat from the pot and get caught up juiceDripping, into their mouths, hot one to Xiliu the sound, and then on to drink a cold beer to mouth dropTemperature. The finest brand of Qingdao beer is served in a tall glass of house, golden yellow, amber light clustersBubbles rose up beautifully. A surface, such as Purple fat big woman first saw me, but she did not speakShe just stopped chewing, drum toot the cheeks looked at me.The old blue turned his head, startled for a moment, and then they grin and said: "Lo small pass, what are you doing?"Did not, and I answered, he said that big fat woman, "the world's most greedy child came." Then his eyesEyes turned to me and asked, "Luo small pass, I heard that anyone who can take control of you eat a meal of meat, you can call who Qindie?""Yes," I said, "I indeed said so.""Well, son, seated right, today I tube you eat meat, this is Huaxi dog meat hot pot, potRiga 30 kinds of spices, I bet you've never eaten. '"Come on, kid." That big fat woman write with a foreign accent said. Her that the person -Small - definitely better than her official echoed: "Come on, kid."I swallowed hard, and said: "That is a thing of the past, and now, my father came back, uggs boots for women I do not need toThe rebid others is the father.

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