With the wide asphalt road leading to the cityAvenue connecting the village into the city to facilitate the prestige of the old blue have gone.I walked the old orchid named Hanlin Avenue on the road to see on the side of the tile eaves of the houses, Chaoyang,Water dripping from the series, like a pearl. The sound of water drops reminder, a surge of cold, slightly more soil smell of fish snowmeltThe smell into my nasal cavity, into my mind, my mind vividly clear. I saw the houses along the street in the lShade on the snow, or snow cover garbage, chickens and dogs Rocker legs gingerly, try beating the groundWalk, do not know what are they doing. "Beauty salon" Azeri people out.Sticking out of the chimney under the eaves, risking yellow smoke black tar dripping from the edge of the chimney underContaminated snow under the eaves. Yao seven standing on the steps of their own to maintain his posture habits, smoking,His face solemn, as if to consider major issues. He saw me, waved at me, and I do not want to reasonHim, hesitated a moment, but to the front, Yang Zhelian the he looked at him, hearts remembered he once told meApplied insult. After my father eloped, he once in front of the the few idlers face, said to me: small pass backGo tell your mother, I keep the door tonight! And busy people laugh, and I answered him angrily: Send himMy poultry you eight life fathers! I prepare a lot of vicious swearing, ready to hit back at his provocative, noThink he kindly asked me: "small through fair niece, your father at home doing?""My father is at home doing, do not need to tell you?" I said coldly.uggs boots for women "Boy, what a temper," he said: "Go back and tell your father to let him take a trip to my home, I haveThings to discuss with him. '