(Persbericht) Urschel Laboratories Incorporated, world leader in precision, food processing machinery, food processing offers a comprehensive range of cutting and grinding machines of high quality, including the M6 Diced Meat Cutter high capacity.

The leading manufacturer and supplier of food processing machines with several uses for the reduction of products, Urschel Laboratories Incorporated, offers a comprehensive range of high quality food slicers, including the M6 meat cubes cutter high capacity.

The two-dimensional cutting, Urschel Model M6 is a versatile machine designed for a variety of products in wires, cubes and slices cut in different sizes with a predetermined thickness. The M6 Diced Meat Cutter is ideally suited to process frozen, chilled and fresh cooked beef, pork or poultry, but also for the processing of leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage and kale.

The model M6 can run continuously with a high capacity and with its hinged access panels and sanitary design in stainless steel designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, the M6 Diced Meat Cutter features a simple control knob for start and stop, if desired an engine with one or more speeds, a robust design of bar and angle frame and a streamlined flow of products with two main product guides.

Thanks to excellent technical performance of Urschel Laboratories, the Food Slicer Model M6 a slim frame design without compromising the operating power where all food processing Urschel machines are known. There are also many opportunities available to the M6 cutting cutter of high capacity by the various cirkelmesinstellingen with various cross-cutting knives to combine roles.
To find the right combination of cutting elements and to ensure the most efficient solution for various food processing needs to be found, Urschel Laboratories offers one of the sites for the testing of food processing cutting a free service with no obligation for testing applications. So customers can evaluate products processing mechanism and the machine that best suits their application. For more information or contact http://www.urschel.com [email protected]

About Urschel
Urschel Laboratories Inc.. Founded in 1910, is a world leader in the production of food processing machinery. Urschel works closely with customers to develop solutions to challenges in food processing. The food processing Urschel machines are used by every major food processing manufacturer in the United States and in over 100 countries. With over 100 years experience, they remain the leading supplier of food processing machinery. For more information contact or visit http://www.urschel.com Urschel.