(Persbericht) Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire -- There are many promotional strategies for creating brand awareness of the company among people. One of those tactics is to gift an article with the company's logo printed on it. It is a simple and effective method for attracting and motivating employees and people associated with the organization. This strategy helps build stronger relationships and create a lasting impression on others. When a company chooses to give a promotional USB with its logo printed on it, people are sure to remember the organization whenever they use the drive for storing data. By employing this promotional strategy, the name of the company will be etched in the minds of people for a very long time.

USB Makers is the leading manufacturer of eco friendly USB drives that are used by their clients as giveaways for promoting their organization and creating its brand awareness among people. The custom USB made for the purpose can be of great benefit to the people and they can remember the brand name for a very long time. Considering the wide use of USB drives today, this makes for an ideal giveaway article at a private function, a trade show or an exhibition. Both sides of the USB drive can be utilized in such a way that the company‘˜s logo appears on one side and URL on the other.
The USB drives created by USB Makers are available in different storage capacities starting from 64MB sticks to 16GB drives. The outer covering of the logo USB drives are available in 24 different colours giving lots of options for the companies to choose from. The logos are printed directly on the shell of the USB drive unlike others who use stickers that eventually get damaged from daily use. The company can deliver these drives to the doorstep of their clients within 72 hours.
USB Makers creates different types of promotional USB drives based on the tastes and preferences of their clients. The USB drives are available in eco friendly, metal, plastic and rubber series at attractive prices. The company also preloads the USB drives with certain data as per the request of their clients. The pre-loaded data includes PowerPoint files, video clips, catalogues, images, Word documents and others. If the client wants the pre-loaded data to run as soon as the drive is inserted into the USB slot, the Auto-Run feature helps to accomplish this task. For more information visit http://www.usbmakers.co.uk/